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The Different Types of Students You See During Finals Week

Finals week has the tendency of releasing the inner monster or hobo within all of us college students. We find ourselves staying up later, snacking more, and procrastinating even more in order to make these deadlines, due dates, and prepare for presentations and exams. It’s just not a fun time for anyone. However, we’ve noticed that there are common types of individuals that you will find floating around, even among your friend group, during finals week. We’ve decided to share some with you:

1. The “I’ve given up on wearing anything but the same gray sweatpants for a week”

Dressing up and looking good is a lot of work. It can also take up a huge of time, time that could be spent working on your paper, practicing your presentation, you get the point. No one will judge you if you wear sweatpants to your exam, to the dining hall, or the library. But let’s be real, you probably don’t care about what anyone thinks. Just do you girl. 

2. ~*International Style*~

You’d be shocked if you walked into class and the international student or group of international students that usually strut into class, usually fashionably late, were not dressed to impress. They always look like they’re ready for the runway and it would feel weird if during finals week they didn’t manage to put together some interesting, memorable, and stand-out outfits. They’re not trying to make you feel bad about how you look or dress during finals week, but it’s bound to happen anyways. 

3. The “I woke up five minutes before this exam and didn’t have time to change”

Odds are, they studied all night for this exam and calculated the amount of sleep that they would get once they hopped into bed. They’re not here to impress anyone (except maybe the professor) and just want to get out of here as soon as possible so they can get back to sleep. 

4. The “Looking good makes me feel more confident”

Some students feel like taking the time to do their makeup and get dressed for their exams and studying causes them to be more efficient and productive and feel more confident. It’s inspiring seeing these students head off to their exam locations and presentations looking fly af. You go girl!

5. The “I got eight hours of sleep, I’m still pretty tired though.”

All this studying and stressing can really take time away from your regular sleep schedule. Some students absolutely need those eight hours of sleep. If they don’t, they won’t be able to stop talking about it.

6. The “I don’t remember the last time I went to sleep.”

In contrast to #5, these students have been going absolutely ham on those practice exams or their papers. They’re either incredibly quiet or they can’t stop talking about how they haven’t gotten any sleep in the past few days. Sometimes, they’ll space out in the general direction of someone else, but odds are they are too tired to actually care. 

7. The “I haven’t studied at all, I’m not prepared, and I’ve accepted that I won’t be graduating on time.”

Finals week can be incredibly overwhelming, to the point that some students realize that they may not be able to pass one of their classes or hand in a paper worth their professor’s time. Anxiety, stress, and emotions are usually at an all-time high around this period, and that’s all right. Failing a class, getting a D on a paper, and/or not graduating on time is not the end of the world, and accepting that with a clear head will be the first step to becoming a better student.

8. The “Bro, you still have finals? My finals ended last week. Are you going to that party tonight?”

On the other hand, some students don’t have any work to do during finals week. Maybe their assignments, papers, and presentations were due before finals week started, so now they have all the time in the world to hang with the bros, sit around and watch Netflix, and comfort their friends and roommates as they suffer from breakdowns during these trying times. 

9. That one person who is chillin’ because they have access to all the study guides and past exams.

This student is prepared and ready to go. They have had to beg, offer meal swipes, or rely on their social skills and friendship in order to obtain access to previous exams from classmates and friends who have taken the class already. They have also had to survive on their wit and searching skills in order to obtain amazingly helpful study guides that will help them prepare. They’re simply an inspiration and usually the pride and joy of the friend group. 

10. The “I need to get 100% on the final in order to pass this class.”

Then there’s that one person who has their calculator whipped out with their syllabus and past exams, projects, and assignments sprawled out in front of them. They’ve done the math, multiple times. They know what they need to do in order to make the cut, to pass the test, to move on and never have to look at this professor ever again. They’ve living on the edge and you know what? We’re kind of living for it.

A Senior at Rutgers University double majoring in Political Science and Economics who loves books, Broadway, and petting dogs.
Keoni Nguyen is a former undergrad student at Rutgers University and the former Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Rutgers (2018-2019).
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