Christmas Presents for Your Parents Besides a 4.0

After a long semester, winter break is officially here. Finals are wrapped up (pun intended) just in time for the holidays. If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for your parents, I’ve got you covered. These four thoughtful presents are just a few ways to show them you’re super thankful for all they’ve done for you.


1.Photo book

What better way to end the year than with all of your family photos in one place? Walgreens, Snapfish, and Shutterfly offer an easy way to upload your best 2018 moments into a customized, hardcover book that your parents can keep when they want to look back at the year. You can add photos and quotes to spice it up. I like this option instead of just printing photos or letting them sit in your phone because the book is both unique and something they can pick up and not forget about. And it’s great if your parents aren’t too technologically savvy and have trouble looking at the photos on their phones. Plus, it makes for a great conversation piece. I’ve been making these books for a few years now and each year, it’s something my mom looks forward to. She loves to show them off to visiting friends and family, and it’s a great way to document all of the years. It’s all of the perks of a photo album but with a modern and totally unique spin.


2. A giftcard to their favorite restaurant

Maybe not that original, but definitely something that will please your folks. Surprise them by treating them with a nice dinner to their favorite restaurant. Your parents spend so much time providing for your family financially, emotionally, and physically, so the least you can do is provide a tasty meal and some time off from family duties and work to enjoy themselves. Plus, it shows them that you want them to take time for themselves and for a relaxing night -- something that may seem like a rarity in their busy lives.  


3.Monthly subscriptions

This is definitely one of those gifts that can be a bit more expensive, but totally worth it. I recommend rounding up your siblings and each pitching in for a monthly subscription for your parents. Brands like Birchbox offer options for makeup and skincare samples for mom, and cologne and shave care for dad every four weeks. Or, if your parents are more into food and drink, companies like Winc offers monthly handcrafted wine samples sent straight to your house. Whatever your parents are interested in, there’s bound to be some type of monthly subscription you can purchase to have handpicked products sent to them when you’re not able to give them things in person. It’s a nice reminder for them that you’re thinking about them even when you’re away at school or away from home in general.

4. Concert Tickets

Yet another way for your parents to escape some of their daily parental obligations, concert tickets are a good option if your parents enjoy live music. Whether it be a local show or one of their favorite artists playing in NYC, tickets to some type of music event will allow them to get out of the house and have a fun time while doing so.


There are a lot of ways to say thank you to your parents, but sometimes tangible gifts are a good way too. I hope these inspire you during your search for the perfect Christmas present, and I wish you the warmest holiday wishes!