Chill Out With These Recipes Guaranteed to Keep You Warm

Name a smell better than the smell of cookies being baked in the kitchen on a chilly night…… go ahead…. I’ll wait. One of the best parts about winter is the joy of concocting delicious treats in the warmth of your kitchen. Baking and cooking treats for yourself or friends or family is a very productive way to spend your time indoors if it is too chilly to go outside. Indulging yourself in these treats will not only warm your hearts, but also keep you warm as you chill out.  

1. Bite-Sized Apple Pie (Grace)


Bite-sized Apple Pie is the perfect way to enjoy the delicious flavors of Apple Pie while also feeling healthy with small portions! This small treat is best straight out of the oven when it is the warmest and fresh! In order to make the most out of you bite-sized Apple Pie experience, do not forget to make caramel sauce to dip into!!!

2. Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls (Catherine)


Gingerbread is a quintessential flavor for the winter and holiday season. And what better warm treat is there than soft, gooey cinnamon buns? This recipe combines both for a dessert that’s sure to make everyone’s mouth water. It can also be made ahead, which makes for easy prep if you have an upcoming holiday party or dinner you need to go to.

3. Peppermint Macarons (Catherine)​


One of my personal favorite desserts is the delicate, bite-sized macaron. This recipe adds a peppermint twist to the traditional macaron, giving it a more wintery and fresh flavor, not to mention added color to the macaron shell! If you want something fancy but also sure to keep you cozy this season, definitely give these macarons a try.

4. Pasta e Fagioli (Pasta and Beans)  - Diana


Ever since I was little, my mom’s made this dish during the coldest of winter days to warm my family and me up, and it always does the trick! Pasta e Fagioli or “pasta and beans” is a creamy Italian soup that is made with beans and pasta, and can be optionally made with pancetta. This dish is literally the embodiment of a warm, hearty meal, and it’s packed with so much flavor and nutrients that you’ll feel like you’re indulging yourself without any of the guilt. It’s also straightforward and easy enough to whip up when you’re in desperate need for some comfort food during winter break.

5. Eggnog Latte - Diana


Bask in the holiday spirit with this copycat Starbucks Eggnog Latte. This beverage boasts all of the flavors of traditional eggnog without any added alcohol or artificial ingredients, so you can totally enjoy this piping hot latte on Christmas morning in lieu of your basic coffee. It’ll keep you feeling cozy on the snowy days when driving to your actual Starbucks is nearly impossible.

Before you snuggle up on the couch with your favorite blanket in your warm and cozy pajamas, be sure to spend some time in the kitchen indulging yourself in some of these treats. Some of our favorite memories include eating, drinking, and feasting so be sure to create some great memories this winter as you feast on these delicious foods that are guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy. Even the dry winter air can't stop your mouth from watering as you cook up these yummy treats for yourself and your loved ones.