Chill Out With Some Amazing Skincare Tips For Winter

Winter is just around the corner and no matter the skin type, the brutal cold leaves everyone’s skin ashy and dry. I personally have really oily skin, but even in the winter, I get very dry skin around the nose and middle of the eyebrows. There are many great ways to beat the cold, though, and have soft supple skin that glows.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are a great way to provide skin a lot of moisture. The serum seeps into the entire surface of the skin, leaving every part quenched. This is best to use at night to allow the serum to sink into the skin and is usually left on for 10-20 minutes so it’s not a quick fix out the door. A sheet mask is all that’s needed for the night to keep dryness away for oily skin but a light moisturizer to follow up can be used as well. For dry skins, a sheet mask followed by a heavy moisturizer.

Facial Oils

Facial oils are an amazing way to deeply moisturize skin and on a budget! There all different types of oils for different skin types. Squalene, vitamin e, and marula oils are great for people with very dry skin. Dry skin types can also double with another moisturizer or mix the oil into their favorite oil if it’s not enough. Argan and rose hip oils are great for oily skin types. Oils also can provide users with amazing skin benefits like anti-aging, fading scars, and tackling acne, depending on the type of oil. So do some research and find your new favorite moisturizer!

Sleeping Masks

Make no mistake, I’m not talking the masks you place over your eyes to help you sleep. Sleeping masks are a Korean skincare product that gives users that extra boost of moisture needed, perfect for the chilly winter. They are the last part of a skincare routine and help to seal in the moisture of serums, creams, and oils you may have already applied to the face. Typically, sleeping masks only need to be used about 2-3 times a week to add an extra boost throughout but can be used every day if your skin can handle it.

Avoid Hot Showers

This isn’t a skincare product but one helpful tip to keep in mind this winter is to avoid hot showers. Although it’s very tempting to jump into a hot steaming shower to warm up the body, the hot water actually dries out the skin. Instead, try to take lukewarm showers.​

As cozy and warm it is dressing up in layers and sweaters, the cold can still manage to find a way to suck all the moisture out of our skin. Try out some of these skin care products and tips to avoid this and have plump and supple skin all your friends will be jealous of!