Cabaret Theater Presents: Peter and the Starcatcher

Photo Source: Flickr

The first time I saw Peter and the Starcatcher was freshman year in the New Jersey State Theater with my family. I remembered it as having so many funny moments, more songs than one might expect from a play, and a beautiful backstory for the boy who never gets older: Peter Pan.

When I went to see Peter and the Starcatcher at Cabaret Theater almost four years later, I was excited to see how this cast would create such a unique show. I had never been to a Cabaret Theater show before so I was mildly surprised by how small the theater was. The stage was set with two small walls of what seemed like artfully arranged junk, some of which were props in disguise.

Cabaret’s production of Peter and the Starcatcher was low budget, but also well cast and hilarious. With some well-placed humorous additions to the script, the company made their production unique and unforgettable. The intimacy of the small space made the audience feel more a part of the story than any professional production could have.

When comparing the touring production of Peter and the Starcatcher to Cabaret’s production, I can honestly say that I enjoyed Cabaret’s production more than the one in the State Theater. Maybe it was the fact that I knew some of the cast, maybe it was the intimacy of the theater or the low budget hilarity. But one thing I know for sure it that I look forward to what Cabaret will put on in the future!

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