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Black Female Content Creators Who Inspire Me

One of the greatest gifts of living in a digital time is the ability to create our own content or find content creators that align with our identity and values. Growing up, I didn’t always see Black women be represented authentically or hear their stories. As digital platforms began rising in popularity, I discovered Black women creating their own content and rewriting the narratives that the media has presented. As we celebrate Black History Month, I wanted to share with you three Black women who inspire me through their content.

Nicalia Matthews Okome

Nicalia Matthews Okome is your go-to woman to help you follow your dreams and turn them into something bigger. She is the creator and host of the podcast Side Hustle Pro, where she helps her audience learn how to turn their side hustle into a profit-making business. Whether it’s social media marketing, creating a podcast, or starting a business, Nicalia has all the resources to help you get started. What I admire most about Nicalia’s podcast are the interview episodes where she brings in Black women entrepreneurs to share their journeys on how they started their own business. As a young Black woman myself, their stories encourage me to dive deeper into my own passions, and no matter what anyone thinks, I can succeed. Black women entrepreneurs and their experiences are not often highlighted, so it’s amazing that Nicalia is using her platform to do so. 

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Lestraunda (Les) Alfred

Lestraunda Alfred (mostly known as Les) is the woman to help remind you how important it is to take care of your mind and body. She is the founder and host of the digital platform and podcast, Balanced Black Girl, where she discusses health and self-care to help guide her audience on their wellness journeys. She has dedicated her digital space to help Black women improve their health by sharing resources and Black health experts who can help them. In each episode, she not only talks about the basics of health but relates it to specific issues that Black women face. Our needs and problems are not always discussed in-depth in the health space, and she has made it her mission to ensure these issues are addressed. As I work on my mental and physical health, Les makes me feel safe and supported in my journey. 

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Grace is the woman who lets other Black women know that they are seen, heard, and valued. She is the founder and creator of the online magazine Sorella and podcast Sit Down, Sis. With Sorella and Sit Down, Sis, Grace provides content in areas such as lifestyle, career, media, travel, and love through the lens of Black women and their experiences. With her magazine, she also lets amazing Black women share their experiences and advice on the platform. When I read each article or listen to an episode, I feel less alone and more understood. I also get to learn more about issues that affect other Black women, which I haven’t faced, and how I can do better on my part to make things more loving and safe in my community. I’m grateful that Grace has created this space for Black women to feel free, be themselves, heal, and grow closer together. 

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I hope that these women and their platforms inspire you in any area of your life. I encourage you to explore other Black content creators and their work. Regardless of our personal identity, it’s so important that we uplift each other’s communities in any way we can, and learn more about what each community faces. When we take the time to do this, we can create a safer and kinder society. Happy Black History Month!

Zakiya Jones

Rutgers '23

Zakiya is a junior at Rutgers University with a major in Communications specializing in Strategic Public Communication and Public Relations. She is an assistant editor and contributing writer for Her Campus Rutgers. She is so happy to be a part of the Her Campus Rutgers team!
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