Best Speeches at the Women's Marches

There were many great moments of the Women's Marches across the world last month. These are our favorite speeches.


America Ferrera


Source: Teen Vogue

America Ferrera, a Honduran-American actress, immigrant, and fervent critic of President Donald Trump, spoke on a variety of issues during her speech at the Women’s March, including LGBTQ+ rights, Muslim-American rights, female reproductive rights, and the salience of welcoming immigrants to America.


Specifically, she praised President Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program and acknowledged immigrant children taken to America by their parents as "hard-working, upstanding, courageous individuals who refuse to live in the shadow of fear and isolation.”


Ashley Judd

Source: Business Insider

Ashley is an actress, activist, and current PhD candidate. She spoke at the Women’s March using a poem written by Nina Donovan, a student from Tennessee. In her speech, Judd channelled all of Nina’s passion and emphasized her use of the “Nasty Woman” epithet.


Scarlett Johannson

Source: Vanity Fair

ScarJo is an actress who is not afraid to speak her mind. In her speech, Scarlett criticized the Trump administration's attack on healthcare, specifically Planned Parenthood, citing its importance in the lives of many people around the nation.


Senator Kamala Harris

Source: LA Times

The newly elected senator urged the nation to fight for civil rights in her speech at the Women’s March. As the first Indian-American senator in history, she discussed how personal these issues were for her.