Best Places to Visit Over Winter Break

The Beach

The beach is a fun place to visit in the winter. Though you can’t go in the water, you can certainly enjoy the view of the ocean. Because the usual crowds are not present, the beach is a calm place to visit over break when you just can’t be inside anymore. Just make sure to bundle up!


The woods or a hiking/walking trail

While it may not seem like fun to go outside when it’s cold, taking a walk in the woods in the winter can be super rewarding. The trees are bare but provide a nice and different view of nature than you might usually pay attention to. And, as long as you wear warm clothes, the cold weather can actually seem nice! The crunch of ice under your feet and the cold, clean smell of the air make for a great time.


Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

Winter is the only time that you can ice skate outside so take advantage of it! Enjoy slipping and sliding with friends or a significant other without the smell of the hockey rink. And when you’re done, treat yourself to a cup of hot cocoa!