Best Fall Aesthetics You Need to Try!

Each season has its own set of popular clothing items. In the summer, sundresses sweep the nation. In the winter, people bundle up in cute scarves and heavy coats. And in the spring, it’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold; all you need is a light jacket. But with each passing season, we see new subsets of seasonal fashion that give the appellation of “aesthetic.” The list of possible fashion aesthetics is never-ending and ever-changing. Still, I’ve chosen 5 fashion aesthetics that are not only stylish but hit during the colorful and acutely aesthetic fall months!

  1. 1. Dark Academia

    This aesthetic also sometimes overlaps with the “prep school” aesthetic since both involve an academic setting. This artistic style revolves around a passion for knowledge, learning, and self-discovery, with elements of philosophy and the romanticization of life. This aesthetic is often synonymous with certain professions such as a professor (oftentimes an English professor due to the large influence of classical literature on the aesthetic), librarian, artist, scholar, etc. This style  also incorporates different educational disciplines, but the main element of common dark academia is literature, poetry, and history.

    Fashion staples include: cool/harvest colors (e.g brown, black, white, grey, maroon, dark green, etc), blazers (solid color or patterned), trousers, small belts, layers (better suited for colder weather), overcoats, cardigans, collared shirts, plaid, Doc Martens, turtlenecks, and books (doubles as an accessory and a fun activity!). 

    (bonus points if you study/studied Greek or Latin!)

  2. 2. Cottagecore

    This aesthetic is very prevalent in wlw (woman-loving-woman ) culture to the point that it is common to identify oneself as a “cottagecore lesbian.” In contrast to the witchy or dark academia aesthetic, this style is very soft, focusing on pastoral scenery, gardens, and other activities that are more attuned to nature.

    Fashion staples include: floral patterns, checkered patterns, silver/gold jewelry, lots of actual flowers, flowy/light weight material, maxi dresses, sunhats, white blouses, flowing trousers, and bright yet soft colors (e.g baby blue, lavender, millennial pink).

    (bonus points if you bake bread from scratch!)

  3. 3. ‘90s Aesthetic

    There’s been a resurgence of ‘90s fashion trends in the past few years (and we’re not mad about it). Other aesthetics supplement their fashion with music playlists that “fit the vibe” of their styles, but the ‘90s aesthetic is unique in the way its fashion is intrinsically tied to the music of the era. It comes as no surprise that one of the fashion staples of the ‘90s aesthetic includes band t-shirts!

    Fashion staples include: Doc Martens, Converse, blue jeans, loose fitting silhouette, overalls, stripes, flannels, jean jackets, vibrant colors, pastel-colored shirts, and graphic t-shirts (bonus points if they have a famous ‘80s or’90s band on them). 

    (bonus points if you own a polaroid camera)

  4. 4. Witchy

    This year-round aesthetic pairs perfectly with the Halloween season! Black is one color that goes with everything, and with the “witchy aesthetic,” there is never a bad time to mix in some dark-colored clothing! This style can be combined with other aesthetics for a more formal appearance, or it can be worn as  casual streetwear! The mysterious yet confident vibes that this aesthetic exudes makes this style of clothing wickedly wonderful!

    Fashion staples include: black clothing, burgundy, moss green, dark blue, jeans, maxi skirts, dark green, scarves, sneakers, combat boots, thigh-high boots, fishnets, lots of rings/accessories, flared sleeves, and dark makeup.

    (bonus points if you actually practice witchcraft)

  5. 5. Vintage

    Vintage is known as perhaps the most elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. There are many different subsets of vintage (e.g. roaring ‘20s, retro vintage, etc.), but the most distinctive aspect of vintage fashion is usually the puffy, knee-length swing skirts! One of my favorite Youtubers that fully embodies this aesthetic is Jessica Kellgren-Fozard!

    Fashion staples include: red lipstick, swing skirts, jewel tones, pencil skirts, puffed sleeves, kitten heels, and pearls/fancy jewelry.

    (bonus points if you’ve listened to Paul Anka, The Drifters, or Frank Sinatra!)

The beauty of fashion is  customizability. Any of these aesthetics can be mixed and matched, reworked, and transformed into anything you want it to be! Fashion can be used to showcase someone’s unique interests or values, or just finding cute clothes with pleasing colors and accessories! As long as you’re happy, you’re always stylish!