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Best DIYs To Try At Home

Everyone loves a good craft, but they’re not always easy to do. Some require expensive tools that would cost more than just buying it at the store or a level of expertise and skill that I’m sure many of us don’t have. There are plenty of DIYs, though, that require tools and supplies most of us have at home. Many of them are also easy to carry out, even if you have lackluster skills. So here’s a list of some of the easiest DIYs that’ll save you a few bucks.


Wearing scrunchies is one of the biggest trends for the last couple of years. They come in tons of cute styles and patterns. Their growing popularity, however, has made them pricey and more than something you tie your hair up with should be. You can customize this DIY to use any pattern or fabric you like, you can even use old t-shirts! There are also different ways you can make this DIY, suitable for different skill levels.


Cute and fun stickers purchased from Redbubble are all the rage. You won’t spot a laptop or hydro flask without a few. Each sticker is around $3 and this DIY can save you a LOT of money and look just as good! The tools needed are also most likely things you already have in your home such as clear masking tape and wax paper. 

Friendship Bracelets

String friendship bracelets are super cute and come in so many designs. But they can be pricey, especially when you want so many and you can’t choose just one. Making them can be really simple or more challenging depending on what design you want to do and your skill level. However, they are fun to make and you’re able to make a lot using a bunch of different colors and designs.

Bath Bombs

Admittedly, the ones you make at home will never be as great as the ones you purchase at Lush with all the glitter and layers. However, making them at home allows you to customize what goes into them. You can add your favorite essential oils and scents or any glitters you like. On top of that, mixing everything together and packing it is really fun! .

Sugar Scrubs

This is by far the easiest DIY on the list and very affordable to make. Everyone should have sugar in their household, making you reconsider why you would ever purchase this at the store in the first place. And like the bath bombs, you can customize what goes in it!

These are some of my favorite DIYs. Each of these is really easy to do and would also make perfect gifts for your friends and family. So if you’re bored at home and looking to make something fun or want to make affordable gifts for friends, try one of these out! 

Shannon is a senior attending Rutgers University pursuing a bachelor's degree in Journalism & Media studies. Although she is graduating this May, she will be staying to obtain her Master's degree in Communication Media. With a great passion for everything fashion and beauty, she hopes to be writing for a magazine centered around both. She loves puppies and can often be found in bed binging a k-drama on Netflix!
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