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The Bachelor: Mid-Season Recap

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

This past Monday was the 6th episode of the Bachelor, where we got to spend another 2 hours with the ever-hot Ben Higgins. But ladies, now is the time to focus less on the Bachelor, and more on the contestants! We are officially more than half way done with the season, and with only 11 episodes total, that means only 5 short episodes left to see who is going to be with Ben happily ever after. For those of you who haven’t watched the season so far, here’s a quick recap. 

On January 4th, the premiere episode, we got to meet all 28 of the women on this season, some with great first impressions, some, not so much. There were unicorn facemasks, a (live) miniature pony, and even a first kiss! 7 Girls went home right off the bat, and Olivia got the first impression rose.

Episode 2, there was a one on one date with Caila that featured Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, as well as one girl (Lace) who sent herself home! Jackie, Mani, and Samantha did not receive roses and left the bachelor mansion.

Episode 3: The one-on-one date this week was with Lauren B., while the group date was with 12 ladies PLUS Alex Morgan and Kelley O’Hara- talk about a win-win for Ben! Olivia starts to show her true colors when she basically hogs Ben, and loses all of the other girls’ trust. Sigh. Jami and Shushanna don’t get offered roses, and pack their bags to head home.

Episode 4: This episode takes place in none other than VEGAS!! First, Ben has a one on one with Jojo (my favorite!), and then he has a group date that occurs in the form of a talent show at the Mirage. No, the girls don’t get to watch a talent show with Ben, but rather, they get to star in one! Olivia gets ~weird~ again, ends up having a melt down, but somehow (???) still ends up staying on the show. Ben, what are you DOING?! Becca and Ben go to a wedding chapel and-marry other couples. Yup, she gets a date card with a wedding dress, but ends up performing marriages instead. Ben (finally) picks between the twins, presumably because he realizes how creepy it is to date both of them, and keeps Emily. Amber, Haley, and Rachel don’t get roses and go home.

Episode 5: If you thought Vegas was cool then you ain’t seen nothing yet, because the girls and Ben head to Mexico City for this episode. Amanda gets a one on one with Ben in a hot air balloon; Olivia steals Ben during the group date (shocker? Not really), and Jubilee is awkward as usual. Their conversation is actually so awkward that Ben tells her that they have no future together, and sends her packing. Jojo makes it better (see why I like her?!), and offers some sweet words to keep his chin up.  Lauren H. and Ben walk a runway, while the girls have a minor cat fight over Olivia’s rude comments about Amanda being a mother. That leads to come confrontation between the girls and Ben regarding Olivia, which confuses him and makes him wonder…

Episode 6: This week picked up where last week left off, so with a rose ceremony. Jennifer is sent home, but she’s not the only one packing her bags. The girls get ready for their next destination on the journey to Ben’s heart. You thought Vegas was cool? Sure. Mexico City? Most definitely. But this week tops everything we’ve seen so far- the Bachelor and his ladies head to the BAHAMAS! Dream come true, or what? Not quite. Cailsa gets the one on one date, and then comes the group date. Drumroll. In one word, this week’s group date was, awkward. Everyone is starting to have some actual feelings invested in Ben, which makes them all jealous cause they realize that a six on one date is pretttty weird. Jojo pulls Ben aside and offers some sympathy, acknowledges the tension, and helps try to pull the whole date together again. Then, the episode ends with the two on one date, which is with Emily and Olivia. They hate each other, BTW. Emily gets the rose, leaving Olivia alone, crying, on an island, in such a dramatic fashion that only The Bachelor could possibly get away with. Leah and Lauren H. don’t make it past the rose ceremony, leaving only 6 girls on the show.

So, what’s next for this season?! Who knows? (Other than Chris Harrison. And Ben.) The Internet is filled with predictions (Spoiler Alert: DO NOT Google “Bachelor Season 20 Finale), but what are your thoughts? I hope Jojo wins, but leave a comment below with your final rose prediction! 

Milena Drozd is a passionate, optimistic, and conscientiousness person, majoring in Communication with a specialization in Public Relations. In her spare time, Milena can be found in the kitchen, either baking, cooking, or eating- sometimes even all of the above. Rest assured, there is usually a laptop or iPad playing "Criminal Minds" or "Law and Order: SVU" on Netflix within earshot.
Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Faith attends Rutgers University in New Brunswick, where she plans to major in Psychology and minor in Philosophy and Criminology.  Faith enjoys writing and traveling. She loves cats, books, and the color blue. In the future, Faith would like to attend law school.