April Fool's Day Pranks

Photo Source: 123FreeVectors

#1 Place a piece of tape on the sprayer to the side of your kitchen faucet. When someone goes to turn on the normal faucet handles, water will shoot out and spray from the sprayer!

#2 Take the soap out of the shower before your friend, housemate, or family member showers.  For the dorm version, steal their soap out of their shower caddy. If this is too cruel for you, paint the bar of soap with clear nail polish (the soap won’t lather).

#3 Seran Wrap an open door way. No one will expect it, and will have trouble getting to their destination.

#4 Move all the clocks forward! Ensues panic!

#5 Fake parking ticket. Get revenge on your neighbors and housemates.

#6 Wrap everything in one room with aluminium foil or christmas paper! Always a fun surprise for the unsuspecting housemate.

#7 Peel onions and dip them in caramel to make fake candied apples. For extra excitement, make a few real candied apples and serve them all together to loved ones.

#8 Make a fake cake. Blow up a balloon and tape it down into half of a cereal box that has been cut long ways. Frost the whole entire thing, making it as tempting as you please. When your housemates cut into the cake, it will blow up and deflate, reminding them that greed is bad and they should be nicer to you.

#9 If you live with housemates, put a sold sign on the front lawn. Nothing gets your blooding pumping in the morning like having a crisis over housing.

#10 Toothpaste oreos. Classic.

#11 Super glue a coin to the sidewalk outside your house or apartment. Entertainment for hours!

#12 You’ve heard of the mayo doughnut. Now try the ketchup for jelly one. More fun for the onlookers.

#13 Sick of the water cooler talks at work? Want to be passive aggressive about it? Take a pin and poke holes in all the paper cups. A good way to escape the small talk about tv the night before.

#14 Feel some of these pranks are too dark or mean for you you? “Slash” your housemate’s tires by taping pictures of Slash from Guns n’ Roses to them. A nice pun to lighten the day.