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Alone in College

Not belonging to a “she-wolf” pack. I have dabbled between cliques practically the whole 21 years of my life. However, the absence of a tight and exact group has never caused me as much curiosity as now while in college. In the general aspect of college life, you typically party, study, and hangout in groups. But what if you don’t have a group? What if you typically do things on your own, independently and rather on occasion are part of a group? It’s not because you’re antisocial or lonely, but you simply hold your own. No offense to the groups of girls and guys who make it work, I simply cannot. To the perceived loners quite like myself, “cheers”. Here are 5 reasons why alone and college can positively go together in the same sentence.


1. When you buy food, your cravings aren’t exacerbated by those around you and so your bill is modest.

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2. You can actually focus and get work done. Don’t get me wrong there is much fun to be had at Alexander at 11pm on Monday night, but the ratio of laughs to growing brain cells isn’t ideal.


3. You have time to think to yourself, daydreams and plans.

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4. You can do whatever you want, from choosing which dining hall you want to eat at to going home instead of going to the library.


5. If some particular night you don’t feel like going out you won’t be bothered by anyone.




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Valentina is a business student with an open mind for all things creative and innovative. She knows the real-life struggles but maintains an idealist view. She can easily be entertained on a spectrum of Gossip Girl to House of Cards with Portlandia in between.
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