9 Struggles Every Shopaholic Faces in College

1. Packing for college is basically dumping your entire closet into bags.

Deciding whether or not you are going to wear white jeans after Labor Day or if you will ever need to wear a fancy dress is hard. The easiest solution? Just pack it all.  


2. When you arrive on campus, it takes multiple bins and a whole move-in crew to get all your stuff to your dorm.

Everyone brings this much stuff with them to college, right?  

3. The college bookstore equals a clothing shopping spree. 

T-shirts, sweatpants, baseball caps…just keep it coming. There is no much thing as too much school spirit, especially when new clothes are involved. 

4. And when it comes to buying textbooks, you know where to find all the best deals.

Because buying a used textbook is kind of like shopping for vintage clothing, which just happens to be a hobby of yours. Plus, all the money you save on textbooks goes right back into your shopping fund. 

5. Your definition of exploring the campus means finding the best stores and restaurants in the area.

Don’t feel bad- there will be plenty of time to find classrooms and bus routes later. 

6. Finding the perfect outfit for going out is the ultimate struggle.

It seems that despite bringing your entire closet to school, you still have nothing to wear. 

7. After some time, you begin to feel separation anxiety from your favorite hometown mall.

You knew saying goodbye to your friends and family would be hard, but no one warned you about missing the mall. 

8. No worries though, you remember a magical thing called online shopping!

Ah, online shopping…the college shopaholic’s solution to any and every woe. 

9. And of course, nothing compares to the excitement of going to the mail room to pick up your new purchases. 

Shiny lockers, cardboard boxes, and lots of bubblewrap- oh my! 


Here’s to an exciting new school year filled with shopping, studying, and success!