8 Places To Use Meal Swipes At Rutgers

The fall semester is rapidly coming to a close, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve got meal swipes left. Maybe you have 15, maybe you have over 100. Regardless of the amount, one simple fact remains…meal swipes = money! Unless the idea of eating at Brower approximately 72 more times in the span of a week appeals to you, read on to learn about places on campus that will accept your meal swipes. 

*The general rule of thumb at each of these places is that breakfast swipes are worth $5.50 and lunch/dinner swipes are worth $7.50. Please note retail policies are subject to change!*


On College Ave…

1. CABfare

Located on the third floor of the Clinical Academic Building on 125 Paterson Street, this meal swipe location goes unbeknownst to many Rutgers students. That might have to do with the fact this building is located pretty far into New Brunswick, so if you want to try it out, grab your buddies and grab your Google Maps! The restaurant is open 7am-5pm Monday through Friday, and offers different daily specials alongside the tasty regular menu. Based on my experiences, the workers are not strict about the “center of the plate” rule, meaning you can swipe for lots of snacks (a college student’s dream come true!). If you do want a full meal, they make a killer custom grilled cheese with a heaping side of fries. 10/10 recommend. 


On Livingston…

1. Rock Cafe 

Rock Cafe is a pretty popular place for students to use meal swipes, as this Livingston Student Center based location always appears decently crowded. Offering everything from create-your-own sandwiches to on-the-run wraps to French fries to yogurt parfait, it’s hard to find something on their menu you don’t like. The Rock accepts swipes all day (breakfast ending at 10:30am), and has a considerably substantial list as to what constitutes a “meal”. Signs are posted throughout the store explaining the guidelines, so follow these and swipe away! My favorite snacks to swipe for here? Fresh fruit cups, mini Oreos, and bags of popcorn. 


2. Sbarro

The ultimate Rutgers student’s dilemma? Can’t stand to eat another slice of dining hall pizza, can’t afford a slice from PJs. The ultimate Rutgers student’s solution? Meal swipes at Sbarro. Open from 11am to 10pm in the Livingston Student Center, this hub of Italian deliciousness accepts a $7.50 swipe all day. Sbarro definitely gives a generous amount of food for a swipe- options include two slices of pizza, ten wings, or spaghetti with meatballs, just to name a few. And let’s not forget to mention the best part- a breadstick and fountain drink are included with every meal. Thank you, Sbarro. Just…thank you. 


3. Kilmer’s Market 

Another popular option, Kilmer’s Market, can be found in the Livingston Plaza. Described as an “on-campus market and grocer”, students used to flock to Kilmer’s to buy a $1.50 bagel and spend another $6 on everything from fresh fruit to hair products. Recent changes to their retail policy, however, have limited meal swiping capabilities. Swipes are now accepted from 11am-3pm and again from 5pm-8pm, and MUST include a “center of the plate” item. This item can be either a sandwich, wrap, or salad costing at least $4. With the new policy in place, your best bet is to order the $7.50 student combo: a sandwich or wrap, 20 oz drink, and piece of fruit or bag of chips. My favorite sandwiches here are the Sloppy Knight and the seasonal Thanksgiving Knight!


On Busch…

1. Woody’s

Whether you’re craving snacks or a full meal, Woody’s has got you covered. Located in the Kessler Teaching Building, the mecca of tasty goodness accepts swipes everyday, with breakfast being available from 7:30am - 11:30am and lunch/dinner from 1:30pm - 7:30pm. Meals should again include a “center of the plate” item, but Woody’s is a bit more relaxed with this rule, accepting items such as muffins and yogurts as “meals”. Recently they have implemented a few rules, such as only one bag of chips or one candy per meal swipe, making it slightly more difficult to stack up on snacks. Also, Woody’s does not allow you to swipe for bottled beverages. However, due to the fact you can buy tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream here, we are willing to forgive them. :)


On Cook/Douglass…

1. Pizzeria Uno

You don’t have to travel all the way to Chicago to find some deep dish pizza- it’s right here at Pizzeria Uno in the Douglass Student Center! Similar to Sbarro, this pizza lover’s paradise offers hearty amounts of food in their meal swipe combos, valued at $7.50 each. Choices include two slices of pizza, one calzone, or three Bosco sticks, and each combo includes a bag of chips and a fountain beverage. If you have friends to share with or are just super hungry (because college is exhausting sometimes), you can double swipe for a whole pie, two bags of chips, and a two-liter soda. The pizzeria stays open until 10pm, so head over here to fulfill your ~semi~ late-night cravings. 


2. Douglass Cafe

If a flavorful sandwich is what you are on the hunt for, stop by the Douglass Student Center and check out the Douglass Cafe. Serving campus-inspired grill specials such as the Jameson (grilled portobello with melted mozzarella and roasted red pepper on a Kaiser roll) and the Katzenbach (grilled chicken and Swiss cheese with red onion and Russian dressing on a Kaiser roll), Rutgers foodies are sure to leave here with a happy belly. Douglass Cafe is also home to Three-Chilies, where you can order a burrito, taco, nachos, or taco bowl for just $5.50, leaving you with another $2 worth of drinks or snacks for your swipe. It’s not quite Chipotle, but hey, at least you used a meal swipe! 


3. Cook’s Market & Cafe 

Tucked away behind the trees that line the Cook Student Center, Cook’s Market and Cafe is yet another hidden gem that will accept your meal swipes. Cook’s is pretty similar to Woody’s in that it offers a large assortment of both meals and snacks, and is not particularly strict with what is considered a meal. For example, a $2 Chobani Greek yogurt can count as your “center of the plate” item here, leaving you with an additional $5.50 to splurge on candy, chips, and other unhealthy snacks we probably shouldn’t eat but will anyway. On the other hand, if you crave a real meal, I’ve been told Cook’s makes some mouthwatering quesadillas . One downfall is that the cafe only accepts meal swipes until 6pm, so make sure to head over there in time!