6 Reasons To Watch "Travels With My Father"

A few weeks ago, Netflix suggested I watch their new series “Travels With My Father,” which follows British comedian Jack Whitehall on a ‘gap year’ trip to Southeast Asian with his septuagenarian father, Michael. Intrigued, I pushed play on the first episode and packed my bags for a six-episode look into their five week vacation.

The series turned out to be a comedic and educational travelogue that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Here are some reasons you should check out the series!


1. Michael’s Crankiness

Michael hates to travel, especially to foreign countries. He does not seem too happy to be on a ‘gap year’ trip with his son. His reluctance to try new things often leads to quite humorous attempts from Jack to get him more into the spirit of the trip.


2.  Father and Son Bonding

Michael is cranky and Jack antagonizes his father so, of course, they make a fantastic onscreen duo. The banter between the pair is very funny!


3. The Relatability

When Jack brings his father to a Full Moon Party, Michael seems like he would rather be somewhere else. We can all relate to that.


4. The Cinematography

The series is full of beautiful shots of Southeast Asia.


5. The Culture Shock

Jack and his father both experience some culture shock. The funniest example is their introduction to luk thep dolls in Thailand.

They adopt Winston, who becomes a loveable part of the Whitehall family. Or, at least, Michael loves him.

6. The Educational Aspect

The series actually provides a fairly decent cultural guide to Southeast Asia. I learned a lot by watching each episode.


“Travels With My Father” is a great comedic series filled that is also surprisingly educational. Check it out on Netflix now!