5 Signs You Live on College Avenue

Anyone who goes to Rutgers University knows each of the school’s five campuses are different and special in their own ways. They also know that, depending on where you live, your school year can be defined by several “unique-to-your-campus” characteristics. With that being said, here are 5 signs that you reside in the land of the LX and the home of the frat boy, none other than College Avenue:


1) Your caffeine intake consists mainly of Au Bon Pain. 

Because for some reason we’ll never understand, Rutgers decided to place both Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks on the Livingston campus. Therefore, the next best option to fuel our caffeine addictions is the savvy little Au Bon Pain (or as us College Ave natives like to call it, ABP). 


2) You have learned to deal with Brower.

While others campuses may avoid eating Brower food at all costs, you’ve come to the realization that there are ways to find good food here. After all, it is your go-to dining hall, so what’s a girl to do?! It may require some creativity, such as stealing the salad bar’s chicken for your pasta or making quesadillas in the panini press, but you know better than anyone not to underestimate Brower. 


3) You get to wake up each morning to the beautiful sound of construction.

Seriously, if you live on College Ave, you probably don’t need an alarm clock. Rise and shine at crack of dawn each morning to the soothing sounds of pounding jackhammers and crashing metal. Talk about a wakeup call!


4) You have Hansel ‘n Griddle on speed dial. 

Consider this a personal thank you to Hansel ‘n Griddle from everyone on College Ave for getting us through those late nights when the dining hall has long-since closed. For real, delivery until 3 am is the main reason we can all keep on keeping on. 


5) A party is never far away.

When you want to get to and from a party, nothing kills your vibe quicker than having your face shoved into a sweaty guy’s armpit on a crowded Rutgers bus. Thankfully, living on College Ave means parties are rarely more than a 10 minute walk away. When you pass the bus stops after a night out and see other students waiting for a weekend bus, you can’t help but thinking poor unfortunate souls..



College Ave definitely has its own unique ups and downs, but with all things considered, is there any other place you would rather call home?!