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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

The social media sphere and your favorite fashion brands are already predicting fashion trends for this fall. You’ve probably seen influencers, celebs, and your Pinterest board filled with new statements and accessories now that summer is coming to an end.

Let’s look at some of our predictions for fashion trends for this fall!

Neutral Staples 

With the colder weather arriving in the fall, we switch some of the bright summery colors in our wardrobe for more neutral and darker ones. This could include oranges, beige, brown, black, gray, taupe, and cream. The concept of a “capsule wardrobe,” a smaller collection of multi-use clothing and interchangeable wear, has become popularized in the past couple of months and is likely to be emphasized in the fall. This can include many neutral everyday staples that can be paired with different tops/bottoms/accessories to create a put-together look. 

With neutral staples, it is also possible to layer multiple types of clothing to create an outfit, including tank tops, blazers, mesh tops, jackets, sweaters, etc., depending on the weather. Mixing up different materials, fabrics, patterns, and styles can also help you reinvent your closet and style.  

Short Nails

While long nails in all of their variations, such as almond, coffin, and ballerina, will always be your mainstay of the beauty industry, you might have relegated shorter nails to the ‘clean girl aesthetic.’ Essentially, the clean girl aesthetic refers to the “model-off-duty” or “no-makeup” makeup, favoring a more natural and minimal look. Short nails have recently been on the rise in 2022, demonstrating that the style is returning in a big manner. 

With summer coming to an end, people are returning back to work and school. Many are opting for a clean, easy, low-maintenance look to last them a few more weeks until another visit to the nail salon. That doesn’t mean no effort is required. Similar to the no makeup, makeup look, it takes a lot of skill and time to create the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic. 


As the weather grows colder and the leaves begin to fall, flannels are making their way back into people’s closets. The flannel became a fashion statement in the early 2000s for the hipster movement due to the unique plaid pattern and versatile fabric. Over time, it became a staple for fall, winter, and outdoor apparel. 

Its lightweight material is perfect for windy days as they keep you warm without weighing you down. Their soft fabric gives that comfortable and cozy feeling, which is perfect for fall weather. 

Flannels come in a variety of neutral colors including brown, tan, black, and white. Their lightweight nature also makes it easy to layer on top or underneath basic pieces. They are a staple for your fall wardrobe and make an incredible addition. 


Headphones can be a fun and unique way to accessorize your outfits. Both modern and vintage headphones can pull together an outfit in different ways. Headphone brands like Koss and Marshall present a retro and vintage look while other tech brands like Sony and Bose focus more on functionality while keeping the design clean and minimalist.  

As previously mentioned, neutral colors are likely to be the trend of the fall season. Neutral color headphones give off a more casual aesthetic, which is the style people typically go for nowadays. On top of their looks, headphones are also accessible to a diverse audience. The large price range allows anyone to hop on the trend and invest in headphones that can be both functional and fashionable.

Preppy/academia aesthetic

The preppy aesthetic has got a lot of attention in the past few years with the rise of 90s and early 2000s trends. This is nothing new, as trends tend to recycle every 20 years. Because this aesthetic tends to include a lot of layering as well as more neutral colors, which we predicted previously, we can assume that this aesthetic will make a huge comeback this fall.

Most fashion trends also tend to come from high fashion and runways. Many runways seem to be displaying this aesthetic now, with more professional-looking staples like blazers and pencil skirts, as well as patterns such as plaid and argyle. 

Jenna Park is a current junior at Rutgers University-New Brunswick double majoring in Journalism & Media Studies and Sociology with a minor in Korean. She enjoys outdoor activities and takes photographs during her free time.
Melanie is a sophomore attending Rutgers University. She is a psychology major. She enjoys thriller novels and watching cheesy movies.
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