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5 College Takeaways

5 College Takeaways


Take it from a soon to be graduate, and fellow scarlet knights alumni\. College is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs just like anything else. So here are my 5 major takeaways from my time in higher education.

  1. Get involved

This one I’m sure is worn out advice, but truly appreciate it and learn to incorporate it into your college experience and take it even further into your life. There is no better way to meet new people and create your path than getting involved. And that doesn’t mean you have to overextend yourself by joining everything or the “most prestigious” sounding. Join something new to you or that you are truly interested in and give it some dedication. Start out small and seek to move through the ranks to gain more experience and exposure.


  1. Seek help

When you find yourself lost or confused don’t hesitate to ask for help (again, valuable for life as well). Whether it be asking a passerby where a building or classroom is to seeking help with classes or internships, you want to be proactive in getting your concerns sorted earlier rather than later. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can avoid being late to class by stepping up and asking someone whether bus A or B is better?Additionally, with such a competitive landscape in school AND work, getting ahead of the game with guidance can only be of benefit to you.


  1. Speak your mind

Ah college, the end of your teen years and the beginning of your 20’s. They say that your 20’s are for being selfish and exploring. In exploring, you will hopefully find yourself, but to do that you need to be true to yourself. Being true means no longer conforming to “idealized” college experiences or groups just for the Insta worthy look. Create your own ideal look and perspective by speaking your mind and listening to others, and always be respectful.

4. Balance

Again, life doubling tip. Learning balance is key, and this is balance for a variety of things- your mental, physical, academic, and career well-being. You should find your own ways to maintain relaxed and healthy even when exam season comes around, because sometimes other stresses can occur in your life, and you’ll need to manage effectively. Learn to breathe, eat healthily, stay hydrated, motivated, and organized. And if things do get too difficult to handle on your own, reach out to family and friends, and make use of our on-campus CAPS, they really are a great resource, take it from someone who has used their services.​

  1. Focus

You’re in college to learn, primarily. So focus on that first and foremost, not because your GPA defines you but because you want to do the best you can for you. You want to learn, so put in the time to read your books, slides, and practice what you don’t understand. Make use of tutoring centers and office hours. Sometimes professors’ ways of teaching are ineffective in class, but they can surprise you outside of the classroom, or you can find out the material is easier for you to grasp on your own.


Valentina is a business student with an open mind for all things creative and innovative. She knows the real-life struggles but maintains an idealist view. She can easily be entertained on a spectrum of Gossip Girl to House of Cards with Portlandia in between.
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