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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

As we dive deeper and deeper into the autumn season, there is one thing I have become absolutely certain of- plaid is back (did it ever really leave?). Whether I am strolling around campus or perusing the racks of my favorite store, plaid is everywhere I turn my head. Long gone are the days when plaid could only be worn by a lumberjack- the perfect plaid shirt is now a wardrobe staple for any college fashionista. While types range from gingham to windowpane to tartan, they all have one thing in common- helping you achieve effortless fall fashion. Here are some ways to style your favorite plaid shirt:


Country chic- Spruce up your plaid shirt and skinny jeans by pairing with riding boots and a quilted vest. The outfit combines classic pieces that you already have in your closet, giving you a country look that is polished, not tacky. 


Effortless tomboy- Boyfriend jeans are not only super comfortable, but they are also super stylish. When combined with a cozy plaid shirt, you can effortlessly achieve the perfect tomboy look. WIth a pair of suede ankle booties and your favorite aviator shades, you’ll be guaranteed to turn heads all day long.


90’s grunge goes modern- Coupled with the return of plaid is the return of the 90’s, specifically 90’s grunge. That’s right, I’m talking chokers, crop tops, combat boots- the works. Become a modern day Drew Barrymore by wearing an unbuttoned flannel over a mod t-shirt dress.  Accessorize with a choker, beanie, and combat boots to recreate this iconic time in fashion history. 


Outfit elevation- While plaid can be used to create very distinct looks, it is also be helpful in simply elevating your everyday style. Tie a flannel around your waist or be on the lookout for hints of the pattern in accessories. Incorporating plaid into your outfit is a super easy way to go from drab to fab.


Brenna Mazur currently attends Rutgers University to study marketing and journalism. She is a huge fan of winning free concert tickets and going on froyo dates. She also enjoys hanging out with her dog.