4 Reasons Why Attending Popsugar Playground in NYC Empowered Me

When one of my friends told me that she planned to see Chrissy Teigen, I was beyond excited for her and asked her how that was possible. She told me she was attending the Popsugar Playground over the weekend and checking it out. Immediately I knew the event would be awesome, since I was a big fan of Popsugar’s workout videos. I started reading about people’s experience at the event last year and was amazed to see how many various activities and speakers were at this two-day event. From fitness to shopping and meeting such empowering women of all ages, I knew this was an event I could not miss and made sure that I got my ticket to attend on June 22-23 at NYC's Pier 94. Looking back, I am more than happy to say that the event was an experience that truly made my weekend one that was unforgettable and will definitely stay a highlight of my summer. This is an event I would recommend for anyone of any age, because it has experiences catered for any age. Getting the opportunity to see such a diverse and inspiring group of people come together and share their passions empowered me.

  1. 1. Hearing from the special guests at the main stage

    One of the main reasons why I was super excited about the event was the incredible speaker lineup. There were so many influential women with such unique experiences going to be there that I knew I would be able to soak up so much knowledge and advice. From entrepreneurs to actors and celebrity trainers, these women spoke about their passions and successes but also the challenges and obstacles they faced throughout their careers and lives. Some of the speakers included Mandy Moore, Chrissy Teigen, Camila Mendes, and Tone It Up’s Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. As an undergrad student entrepreneur, I’ve learned to appreciate every piece of advice and feedback and look for ways to implement them within my life. One piece of advice from Issa Rae stood out to me when she said, “Stop comparing yourself to other people: what's meant for you is meant for you and only you.”

  2. 2. Live workout classes at the sugar studio

    Since high school, I would follow the FitSugar workouts by host Anna Renderer. When I saw that she was coming to the event and hosting a live FitSugar workout, I freaked out because I was thrilled. In person she was even more bubbly, energetic and cheerful, and made the live workout demo super special. Throughout the workout she would call people on stage to lead the workout with her and encouraged us to spread our love for fitness and health throughout our communities. I was super excited that I had the opportunity to sweat it out with her. It was also amazing to stretch out after the workout at the Samsung Galaxy Soul Space and wind down with all the essential oils and comfortable bean bags.

  3. 3. Exploring new brands and companies

    A large part of the Playground experience was exploring the various clothing and beauty brands that were sponsoring the event. It was great to see established brands at the event, but was even more unique was seeing such young companies displaying their products. As an entrepreneur myself, I had so much respect for these new companies that were up-and-coming and was super curious to learn about the mission behind their product, where they were selling and the founder’s journey in starting the company. A few of these up-and-coming companies include Mane Club NYC and Kala. It was especially amazing to see that a lot of these brands were sustainable and employing talent to build the product from all over the world. One of the best parts, of course, was getting to try out the brands and getting free promotional products to test out.

  4. 4. Unique treats

    Fantastic food always makes any event stand out. One thing that Popsugar Playground did well was that they brought in brands that are revolutionizing the food and health industry. There are so many visionary brands out there right now that are changing the way people think about food and making food options more inclusive. I went to the event with my friend who was vegan, and she was initially hesitant that there would not be as many food options for her. We were so surprised when we got to the event because she could eat every single item offered - it was amazing! With companies such as Califia Farms, Tropicana, and Vital Proteins offering free food and drinks at their cute stands and displays, everyone was waiting in line to try out and sample their tasty and delicious products. There were even options to try out vegan smores from Smashmallow, which was definitely worth the wait!

The Popsugar Playground encompassed so many experiences that would interest audiences with many different passions. If you’re looking to hear inspirational keynotes, a fun stress reliever, a fun workout with celebrity trainers, or to relive some wonderful childhood experiences, then this event is perfect for you. It was such a wholesome event that I recommend everyone attend! Watch out as tickets go on sale next year and keep an eye out for the fantastic lineup. This event truly makes everyone who attends to feel unique and motivated.

Photo: Sri Narayanan