3 Ways To Dress Up For Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner I thought I would share some looks that would be great for the occasion! If you aren’t doing much on the day, it doesn’t hurt to dress for the season. Here are some outfits I have worn that would be great for Valentines Day.

Color Blocking

One thing I have been trying out a lot is color blocking, which is basically matching multiple solid colors in your outfit to make for an interesting combination. I did it with pink and red, but other combinations - like purple and pink or red and purple - would also be interesting to try. Below, I put on a bright red sweater with some light pink trousers. At first, I was a bit skeptical about how it would all come together, but it actually is very eye-catching and unique.

(Aleena Khan)


You can never go wrong with stripes! This sweater I am wearing has cool pops of pink and red which is why I think it will be perfect to rock on V Day. A red striped dress or fun skirt would also be great ideas. Oh, and fanny packs are always a nice touch to literally anything.

(Aleena Khan)

Colorful Accessories

While pink and red are classic Valentine’s Day colors, you can still emit those vibes by dressing white or black underneath and then popping a colorful jacket on top or wearing pink and red accessories. I added a red beanie and it kept me warm as well as added some color. You could also grab a colorful bag like I did to add a Valentine’s Day feel. By doing this you can have a more low-key V day outfit.

(Aleena Khan)

Whatever you guys decide to wear, I bet it will be amazing! A little self-promo, check out my Instagram (@aleena313) to see some more outfits I will be sharing! I hope this inspires you to create some of your own Valentine’s Day outfits. Remember, creating outfits is all about mixing and matching while incorporating your own personal touches.