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It’s graduation season! Despite graduation being months away, it’s important to get excited about your uber-cute graduation photos. Although you are the star of these photos your dress is a really important element. I’ve searched the internet and found a few rules that you should use to find your perfect graduation dress.

The dress should be as short as your comfortable with.
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Take this rule with a grain of salt. I’m not saying that you should wear a mini skirt to graduation or that you have to wear a dress in a length that you aren’t comfortable with. I completely understand that many people will break this rule because of religion or comfortability. But, if you feel comfortable to opt for a short dress that won’t peak underneath your graduation gown. This will create a more seamless look and won’t give an illusion that you are wearing two dresses overtop of each other.

Try to have your dress match your graduation cap and gown.

Think of your cap and gown as accessories to your dress. Personally, I like to think about my cap and gown as a coat and hat for this event. I’m trying to create a cohesive look where my cap and gown tie my outfit together instead of clashing against each other.

Try not to wear a dress the same color as your gown.
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That being said try not to wear a dress the same color as your gown. While taking pictures of yourself wearing your gown open you want a contrast between your dress and your gown. If you wear a dress that’s a similar color to your gown you run the risk of your dress blending with your gown and losing your silhouette in pictures. 

Your dress should be business casual, not formal.

This is graduation, not a dance!

Don’t wear anything too bulky

When your gown is closed you don’t want to see your dress bulging out from underneath. Instead of wearing a poofy dress opt for a more sleek look.

If your gown is a light color make sure your dress isn’t a bright color.

You don’t want to run the risk of having your dress being seen through a gown!

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the perfect dress for your graduation. No matter what you wear remember that your accomplishments and beauty will shine through on your graduation day.

Destiny is currently enrolled in Columbia University's MFA Writing program. She is a national writer at Her Campus and the former editor-in-chief of Her Campus Rowan. She likes thrifting, romance novels, cooking shows, and can often be found binging documentaries.
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