Why Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita are Actual #RelationshipGoals



For those of you who are not familiar with Jenna Marbles, her rise to internet celebrity seemed to happen quickly overnight after a video she uploaded to YouTube in 2010, titled “How to trick people into thinking you're good looking,” went viral. Since then she has racked up over 16 million subscribers on her main channel, making her one of the most well-known YouTube content creators in the business.

Alongside her main channel, which often features parodies and satirical content, Marbles also occasionally uploads videos to her second channel, otherwise known as her vlogging channel. It is here that her viewers were first introduced to Julien Solomita, her boyfriend.

Originally, Marbles kept Solomita’s appearances in her videos limited; but as time progressed, her audience was not only able to become more familiar with her significant other but also watch them grow together as a couple. Here are a few reasons why Jenna and Julien are #RelationshipGoals:

  1. They constantly make each other laugh.  
  2. They show unconditional support for one another.  
  3. They co-write and produce a weekly podcast together titled the Jenna & Julien Podcast.  
  4. They don’t allow the pressure and stress of publicly putting their life on display for the world affect their relationship.  
  5. They’re just downright cute.  
  6. They noticeably have fun working together as a team.  
  7. They’re aware of how they’re perceived on the internet and frequently remind viewers that they are humans and their relationship is not perfect.  
  8. They’ve created a perfect little family of dogs together.

Together, Marbles and Solomita may not have the “perfect” relationship; but it’s clear to see they are completely perfect for one another. You too can witness their hilariousness as well as their adorableness by subscribing to either one of Jenna’s channels (JennaMarbles and JennaMarblesVlog), Julien’s channel (Julien Solomita) and/or their podcast’s channel (Jenna Julien) on Youtube.

All gifs found on Tumblr.