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When Thrift Shopping Becomes Gift Shopping

Tuesday was my brother’s birthday, and being the horrible gift-shopper I am, I called him up totally lost on what to get him. My plan had been candy and coffee (lame) because I simply didn’t think I could come up with anything better. What he said he wanted surprised me and posed a new challenge. He asked me to thrift him some clothes for under $10. Knowing about my blog, his intentions were to tease me more than really expect me to come through with any time of thrifted gift, but being the type of person I am I decided to head to Goodwill to find him some gifts.

Thrifting to gifting
Walking into Goodwill, a store I am so familiar with, and being confronted with the challenge of the menswear section was I’ll admit, daunting. My brother tends to be a bit of a brand snob at times, and so I didn’t quite know where to start or what I could even find that he would wear. I immediately began combing through the racks to see what I could find.

What I came up with
I found him 3 shirts that I figured were versatile enough to go with most looks. The first shirt I found is a slim cut button down from GAP which seemed to coincide with his usual style. Seeing as it was in his size, I went for it.

The next shirt I found for him is a simple black tee. I figured if all else fails, you can never have enough basics!

The final shirt, which happens to be my favorite (and the one he is least likely to wear) is this thick fabric, green vertical striped, button down. It is oversize which gives the “cool guy in a baggy buttoned down” vibe that I tend to gravitate towards in menswear. This shirt would need to be styled with more of an Urban Outfitters aesthetic, which may contend with my brother’s J. Crew aesthetic, but in any case it was only a few bucks!

What I learned
What I would suggest for anyone planning to thrift gifts in the future, is that if you aren’t sure the person will really really love it, get them a few things. That way there is bound to be one item they are into while still retaining your understanding of them and the things you think they may want to wear.

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