What Majors Would the Disney Princesses Be?

I’m obsessed with Disney. There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t watch a Disney movie or a day where I don’t listen to a princess song. It’s like reliving my childhood and returning to a place where everything was much simpler. As I was listening to my fave Disney jams around campus, I started wondering what would happen if my favorite Disney Princesses had to grow up and go to college. I came up with a list of what majors my personal favorites would take up if Disney royalty ever got sick of the castle life.

Ariel: Anthropology

What else could you expect someone who is obsessed with humans? Instead of trading her voice to live with humans, Ariel would use her voice to study humans. It’s a happy ending for any student.

Pocahontas: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Anyone with eyes can see that Pocahontas is in tune with nature. However, she lives in a world where most people aren’t. I could see Pocahontas doing anything to help the environment. She would love to use Environmental Engineering in order to make the world a greener place.

Cinderella: Social Work

After years of constant abuse, Cinderella escapes her stepmother’s house and becomes college bound. There, she studies social work in hopes to help people in the way that she never was.

Tiana: Business and Culinary Arts

Can this be anymore obvious? Although two majors is a challenge, I have no doubt that Tiana can manage.

Aurora: Vocal Performance

Can you imagine anything else with a voice that sweet? Aurora’s literally gifted with her voice and it’d be a shame if she didn’t use it.

Belle: English

A perfect major for any book worm. I believe that Belle would want to study everything literature but would be partial to reading the classics where “daring sword fights and a prince in disguise” reigns supreme.

Snow White: Biology (pre-vet studies)

Snow White is amazing with animals. Throughout the movie, she shows that she has a good connection with them. With her intuition, there would be no major better for her than pre-vet studies.