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What A Broken Heart Taught Me

1. If you are a good person, it shows, and you will never be alone. If you are a good person, warm, compassionate, empathetic, you will find yourself in good company, always.
2. You can get as much reassurance as you want, but no one can comfort yourself fully except you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many times your friend tells you that you’re worth it. You have to believe in yourself.
3. You will go through stages of feeling worthless and as though you’re to blame. This will pass. You are so worth it. You are worth every single thing.
4. Keeping busy does wonders. Go out. Be surrounded by friends. Watch Netflix, with your people or with your self. Go for a run. Focus on a new hobby. Make new connections. And ALWAYS say yes to adventures! You will make so many amazing memories.
5. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to get to such a positive place. Seriously, why the heck were you sad? You’re AMAZING!
6. Being alone is fun. When you learn to be your own best friend, no one can be in control of your happiness. Learn the ins and outs of what makes you, you! This will attract such greatness to you.
7. Your friends and family will get frustrated with you, but it’s out of love. Your bonds will become stronger, too.
8. “You can’t draw blood from a stone,” is a saying I learned from Lena Dunham’s memoir, Not That Kind of Girl (a delightful read while going through a breakup). Basically, what it means is this: The love you have to offer is amazing. You are amazing. You tried everything you could. You’re a fighter. But some people are not strong enough to handle your love. This is not your fault. Please don’t doubt how great you are just because of someone’s inability to see your worth.
9. You will have both good and bad days. THIS IS OKAY. Crying is okay. Being angry is okay. There is no “right” way to heal. It’s different for everyone. Just recover, and at your own pace. You have advice to give people now. You learned. You grew.
10. You will reconnect with yourself and become a better version of you. The Universe knows when it’s dealing with a good-natured soul, and it welcomes change accordingly. You will find happiness. Laughter will follow you. Friends will flock to you. And your life will become ten times better than it was before. Heartbreak puts many things into perspective. The biggest is you. Are you happy with where you are in life? Are you the person you want to be? Is there anything you should be doing more of? Less? What are your dreams and goals? This life is all about YOU. Going back to a previous point: learn yourself! And sit down to write your book. Plan a trip across America. Do what you want to do with your life! Seriously - this is YOUR life! 
I know that some days it's hard to not be sad. But it's no impossible. Look around you. You are loved. You are appreciated. Talented. Passionate. Kind. Caring. Worth it. 
It'll be okay, Beautiful.
Erin studies television and film production, anthropology, and writing at Rowan University. Her spirit animal is a horse and she loves floral prints.
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