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This week’s Campus Cutie is brought to you by the Radio-Television-Film department.


Name: Matthew Torres

Age: 20 years old

Major: Radio/Television/Film major


Where you can find him: I only really spend time in Bozorth.  Most of my classes are in the auditorium there, so when I'm not in class I might be in the Rowan Television Network's office or Cinema Workshop's office.  You might also find me in the student center shooting a segment for On The Couch.


What are some of your hobbies: My hobbies are really mostly film and music.  I love watching films and talking films with people and working on making movies myself.  I've been writing scripts and stuff a bit lately.  And music is something that I do on the side for fun.  I'm in a band called Rachel with some really talented goofballs.


Are you a part of any clubs or organizations on campus: I'm part of RTN and CW, which are both centered in Boz.  Film and TV, like I said, they're kind of my thing.


Please describe your ideal Significant Other: Recently, I've really liked the idea of a girl who reads.  That sounds kind of fake, but it's true.  When I'm over a girl's house, I look over to her bookshelf.  If she reads interesting authors and the like, it's something that I feel is a good indicator of a solid SO.  If she watches good TV, that’s a plus, because that's hard to find.  I've given up on having similar movie tastes; it's a lost cause.


And your perfect day: Perfect day... hmm.  Well, wake up, eat pancakes, go outside somewhere with some friends.  I like being out in a warm sun.  A diner stop is pretty vital.  And then wherever I end up isn't important, so long that I end the night with delirious laughter.


If you could be any animal, which would you be and why: I like the idea of being a wild cat of some sort.  Jaguars are really fast and lean and no one messes with them.  If I could wear sunglasses as a Jaguar it'd be a done deal.

Erin studies television and film production, anthropology, and writing at Rowan University. Her spirit animal is a horse and she loves floral prints.
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