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Vinny Ignatowicz

Check out Vinny Ignatowicz at the next Rowan Soccer game, or see him at the rec center. Want to know a fun fact about him? He used to be the school mascot! Read more about Vinny below.


Hometown: Toms River 

Major: Marketing

Favorite movie: Interstellar

Favorite color: Maroon


What are your plans after college?: Continue with soccer, job in creative advertisement/promotion.

 What’s your perfect day? Warm summer day at lake in mountains.

 Sign:  Scorpio

 Relationship status:  Single

 What would you do on a first date?: Out to eat, on me.

What do you notice first about a girl?: Hair, then eyes.

 Where can you be found on campus?: In the gym/rec center often. 


Hobbies: Bball, skateboarding, snowboarding, cliff diving, other “extreme” activities.

Fun facts: Captain of soccer team, was the prof mascot once.. never again. 


Advice for incoming freshmen: Live it up, stay out of trouble.

Favorite thing about Rowan: Small enough to see familiar faces, but big enough to go out and meet new people.

If you could have super powers what would you choose? Fly

If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you want with you? Lighter, knife/blade, pen/paper.

If you could be any animal, which would you be: Cheetah or bald eagle.


Who is your hero?: Ben Franklin.


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