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The Ultimate Spring Break Packing List


Hey everyone, spring break is right around the corner! Are we celebrating, or are we celebrating? Whatever your plans may be for break, some very careful packing is definitely a necessity. Consider adding the following items to your suitcase!

Things you will need regardless of where you are going:

1. Passports/IDs.

2. Extra cash in case of an emergency.

3. Phone/music player chargers, headphones.

4. A buddy. While you’re on vacation, avoid going places alone especially if you’re in a new environment.

5. Any medications you may need. This includes allergy medicines, Advil/Tylenol/Aleve and any inhalers/EP Pens you carry with you.

6. Weather appropriate clothing. Also, pack clothes for the main occasions; going out at night, hanging out with your friends, sightseeing, or just kicking back and relaxing.

7. A camera to document all the fun you plan to have!

8. Everyday toiletries like deodorant, perfume, tooth brushes/tooth paste and soap/lotion. But if you are heading towards your dream vacation on a plane, make sure to keep the rules for toiletries in mind!

For the breakers hitting the beach:


1. SUNSCREEN. Everyone wants to come back to school looking gorgeously tan but no one wants to spend the week after break in pain and burned skin… So remember to pack a bottle or two of sunscreen and use that stuff like you are getting paid to, because that whole “tanned to a crisp” look was never really in style.

2. Baby Lips Lip Balm, or anything with good moisturizing powers. The last thing you want is for the salty water or the beach air to dry your lips out. Cracked lips hurt. A lot.

3. Aloe Vera. In case you have the unfortunate experience of being sunburned, rubbing some soothing aloe vera lotion on your skin will do the trick.

4. Plenty of shampoo and conditioner, especially if you plan on diving into the water. Salt water has some damaging effects on your hair and you will want to clean out your hair every night.

5. Soap and moisturizer: While we’re on the topic of washing things every night, don’t forget to take a cool down shower each night after hitting the beach! Although dermatologists say showering with hot water isn’t good for your skin, if you spend time at the beach you will get sand EVERYWHERE and it’s important to wash up and moisturize afterwards!

6. A razor… Because obvious.

Beach necessities

1. A cute tote bag will come in handy to organize all your essentials and add some style to your look!

2. A beach towel. Go bold or go home, babe. Find the perfect towel that just screams “you” and take it with you to the beach. Lay down on it and soak in the sun!

3. A good book. While you’re soaking up that sun, don’t forget to bring along an intriguing book to bring some adventure to your relaxing break.

4. Sunglasses and a sunhat. There isn’t anything dreamy about trying to look across the beach like the goddess you are and having to squint because the sun is threatening to burn your retinas out.

5. Tunes! Bring your phone, your iPod/MP3, stereo or record player! Either way you are going to need some amazing background tracks to suit your perfect spring break.

6. Flip flops! True, you will be spending most of your time getting a free pedicure in the sand, but when you want to hit the boardwalk you will want to avoid any potential splinters and or stepping on chewed gum, because gross.

For the breakers hitting the slopes:

For the fun:

1. PACK LAYERS! If you’ve learned anything from the past few weeks of brutal weather, it had better be to dress warmly. This means lots of sweaters, thermals, turtlenecks and leg warmers!

2. Hats/gloves/scarves/extras: I do not care if you think you look like a dork. Buy some stylish ones if you must, but keep your body warm!

3. Boots! Whether they are super cute ones from your favorite store or ones that will help you survive in Antarctica. Either way, you will need to keep your feet warm. And while we’re on the topic of warm feet…

4. Warm socks. Target has some really adorable warm and fuzzy socks. As if you needed a reason to wear fun socks, psh!

5. Your equipment. Coming from somebody who has never hit the slopes, I do know that it is important to pack thing like your snowboard, skis and skates because you kind of need those things, right?

6. A ski bag to keep your things together.

7. A map of wherever you are going, but let’s get real you’ll probably have one on your phone. Still, it doesn’t hurt to grab one from the lodge you’ll be staying at.

For after the fun day

1. Bubble bath. Take a warm bath after your day on the slopes to avoid your skin from drying out and to stay warm.

2. Hairdryer: You will not want to walk around with wet hair in that kind of weather…

3. Plenty of hot chocolate to brew up after a busy day of hitting the slopes. Sit by the cabin fireplace and take some Tumblr worthy photos.

4. Super cozy pajamas.

5. A blanket! Granted the lodge you’re staying at will probably provide one for you, but that one has been used by a thousand people before you and reeks of moth balls. Bringing your own will not only help avoid that problem, but will give you the comfort of home you love so much.

6. Heating pads/blankets to help you stay warm at night.

For the breakers hitting the road: Grab your closest friends and take a road trip!

1. Snacks so you don’t keep stopping at every Rest Area restaurant and loading up on calories. Pack some fruits, popcorn, pretzels and a few chocolates. Take lots of water – just remember that your car doesn’t come with a bathroom!

2. Bring plenty of music. If you call shotgun, you also call DJ. Keep your friends entertained with some good music, or you will get the boot.

3. Cozy creators! If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the car, you will need to make it a comfortable place! Throw some blankets in the back seat, add a pillow or two, and whatever other soft and plush items you need!

4. Headphones. At one point you will get annoyed by your road trip buddies, so you will need to pack headphones so when the time comes, you can tune out from the world.

5. A great book, for reading purposes, duh.

For the breakers heading home:

1. Take an empty stomach, because your mom will want to feed you. She’s convinced that the school doesn’t have decent food and c’mon… She’s right.

2. Laundry, because it’s easy to do and free.

3. Your smile, because your parents miss you and they love you.

4. Some amazing stories from the past few months at Rowan to share with all your friends back home.

5. An open mind. Your relatives may try to convince you that your major really isn’t useful and ask you when you plan on settling down and having kids… Don’t overreact. Remember, they’re trying to live vicariously through you. You’ll only have to deal with these nauseating conversations for a week. Enjoy that week; don’t let these bits of conversation ruin your break.

General rules to keep in mind:

1. DO NOT tell strangers where you are staying and DO NOT give them too much information about yourself. We’ve all seen Taken, right?

2. Always make sure you have all your personal items. Lose your credit card or your passport and you can kiss your vacation goodbye!

3. Be responsible. Health class stays with you for life.


Authors note: Please everyone; remember to stay safe while you are on vacation. A golden rule is to never go anywhere without a buddy and always trust your gut feeling. If the cute guy watching you across from the room looks like trouble, he probably is. Avoid making any mistakes you’ll regret, but also remember to make some amazing memories. You only get so many spring breaks, have fun and live life, just safely. It would be an awful thing to hear that not all the Profs made it back to campus. Love you all! Xo, Naveen.

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