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I have never been an athletic person. In fact, I am probably the most uncoordinated person out of all of my friends. But somehow I ended up loving football — well…watching it, that is.

I grew up watching the New York Giants. My parents always had it playing on Sundays, and it became a tradition to watch it every week. Nothing was more exciting than when they won their games, especially their last two super bowl wins, which had me jumping up and down!

Below are my top five favorite players that are currently playing for the Giants:

  1. Victor Cruz – Victor is my all-time favorite player because he is overall a fantastic football player. He is great at catching the ball and running for those touchdowns. Even after his leg injury that had him out for 2 years, he still came back stronger than ever. Overall being a valuable player for the team and all around great person is why he is my favorite player.
  2. Eli Manning – Eli is the quarterback for the NY Giants. He has led the team to two Super Bowl championships. Even when the team is doing badly, he has always stayed positive and is always respectful of other teams. He might not be the best quarterback in the league to some, but he is great under pressure, especially in the 4th quarter; and in my opinion, he is definitely one of the top players in the league.
  3. Odell Beckham Jr. – Odell has been one of the most exciting players to watch. He has the ability to make amazing one-hand catches that many football players tend to not be capable of. He always scores touchdowns and overall gets the crowd pumping. He definitely is a fan-favorite.
  4. Rashad Jennings – In my opinion, Rashad is a great running back. There have been numerous plays where he plowed through the strongest opponent and ran several yards that sometimes led to touchdowns! I think he is a great athlete, which is why he is one of my favorites.
  5. Jason Pierre-Paul – Jason is a defensive end and is known for his numerous sacks of the quarterback. He is very powerful and knows how to stop his opponents. I also like Jason because he is a fighter. On July 4th of 2015, he had an accident where fireworks went off in his hand, damaging it severely. Many thought he wouldn’t be able to play football again; but with a lot of physical therapy and practice, a year later he was back on the field, proving that if you have enough determination, you can succeed!
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