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I am a huge sucker for weddings. Some of my favorite movies are 27 Dresses, Blended, Ella Enchanted-- and of course they all end in some big wedding or romantic gesture. HUGE romantic right here. I love weddings, but even more so I love wedding proposals. My dad proposed to my mom in the whispering tower of St. Pauls Cathedral in London, so whoever the hell I marry has some big shoes to fill. Lucky for him though, I have some ideas. 


The first, probably most obnoxious idea that I have is for him to come sweeping down in a hot air balloon and land in the middle of a field with a ring in one hand and champagne in the other. I have ALWAYS wanted someone to land in my yard with a hot air balloon because apparently if you accidentally land in someone’s yard, you must offer them champagne. In this case, I would get champagne and a fiance. HOW FREAKIN CUTE.

The second idea that I have would happen while on a trip to Disney. Ever since I was a little kid, I would get a pearl from the oyster place in Epcot’s Japan. I think the cutest proposal would be as I was choosing a new pearl on this trip, that he would tell me to choose a certain oyster, and as it is opened, there is a ring inside! I don’t know how he would pull that off, but I’m sure Disney could make anything happen. 

The third option for my mans, and probably the easiest option, would occur in the fall. Every fall the Monarch butterflies migrate to Cape May Beach before going to Mexico. I would love to be proposed to during this huge migration: picture this. We’re walking on the beach as butterflies flutter around, and then we walk up to a netted cage full of butterflies, and as I open it they flutter out to reveal a ring and a note that says “Will you marry me?”

Well that’s it-- super cute stuff here. Hopefully, my future husband reads this and won’t run away at the thought of these crazy proposals. <3

Ashley Hermansen is a dual major in International Studies and Modern Languages & Linguistics. She loves LOVE and dancing and really just wants to help everyone that she can. That's it, read on <3
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