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This week, I had the chance to speak with a talented Rowan student, SØF (formerly known as Sofia Nicole) regarding her musical career and latest music. From her lyrics to her sassy charm, she captivates her audiences at multiple venues, from quiet and intimate to large and chaotic. Check out our interview!

Photo credit: Jeff Crespi

Q: When did you start singing/performing?

A: I probably started singing around the same time I started talking. My parents still have old tapes of me running around the house and babbling random melodies. The first time I performed in front of an audience I was four, and I was participating in a cruise ship talent show. It was simultaneously the scariest and most incredible moment of my life. Even before I stepped offstage I knew I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.

Q: What inspired you to become a singer/songwriter?

A: Honestly, I've just always loved music. There wasn't a single event or moment in time that prompted me to want to be a singer- the drive has just always been there. Creating music makes me feel whole.

Q: Are there any particular adversities that have impacted, either negatively or positively, your journey?

A: I've definitely had a lot of significant experiences in the music industry- both positive and negative- but I’ve only allowed them to further motivate me.

About three years ago, I was selected to be on season 7 of NBC’s The Voice. I didn't get the opportunity to perform in front of the coaches and for a moment in time I felt so defeated. I had made it so far and I thought I was so close, but the opportunity slipped right out from under me. But the more I've pushed to make a name for myself in this industry, the more moments like that I've had. In my mind, that's a really really good sign. I'm getting there, you know? One day I know I'll have another “breakthrough” moment, only then it will actually work out in my favor. Until then, I'll just keep working harder and harder.

Q: What is something you wish your audience knew about you?

A: I think some people might already know this about me, but I love to rap! I've incorporated it into a few of my songs so anyone who’s seen me live has most likely heard it, but I'd actually really love to co-write with songwriters who are more geared toward that genre too.

Q: What kind of feedback have you received from your first few single releases?

A: So far I've had an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone! There have been a ton of ridiculously nice reviews written and I've had people message me online and talk to me in person about how much they love what I've put out so far. I feel really humbled by all of it. And really really giddy.

Q: How many more do you have? Tell me about your favorites!

A: I’m releasing one single a month for the first six months of this year. I'm currently on my third single- “Shame on Me”- and I've got three more to go!

I've been working really hard on recording these songs for the past year and a half, so obviously they're all like my babies, but my top three would have to be: Infinity, The Rush, and XO.

The Rush and XO (which haven't been released yet) are two super upbeat, fun and spunky songs with lyrics that I'm very proud of. Infinity is the only song out of the bunch with a more chill vibe, but I love the contrast. It's my favorite in terms of production, and I have to thank my producer, Jerry, for his genius.

Q: Do you have any upcoming shows?

A: I do! Somehow I managed to land a spot as the opener of this year’s Lantern Fest in Philadelphia on June 10th. It's a HUGE festival with lots of amazing acts and thousands of people. I'm so psyched about the opportunity. I just recently got a backing band too, so it's going to be an amazing show. If you're in the Philly area you won't want to miss it!

Q: What are your plans and goals for your musical career?

A: Most importantly, I just want to be happy- however that may manifest. My ultimate dream is to land a record deal and make it really big, but if that doesn't bring me the most joy possible, then I want whatever will. As long as I'm making music, performing and sharing my passion. That's all that truly matters.

Q: Anything you want readers to know?

A: My third single, “Shame on Me,” is out now!!! The next single I'll be releasing in April is called “The Rush.” I’m just so excited to finally have my music out in the world. I appreciate any and all of the support I've gotten and I hope to keep putting out stuff that people dig.

To keep up with everything I'm doing, readers can check out my website www.sofmusic.com!

I also put out fresh new content every week for my little series “SØF Music Monday,” so follow my Facebook page for that: www.facebook.com/sofmusicofficial.

Other than all that, I just want anybody reading this to know that I'm so grateful for the love and kindness I've received and I’m going to keep working hard as heck. I'm not stopping for anyone or anything, and if you've got a passion chase it and give it your all. Life’s too short to say “what if?”

Photo credit for both pictures: Jeff Crespi

I am a Writing Arts major at Rowan University. Poetry is my best friend. One day, I hope to be a successful writer for a popular magazine in NYC. My dream is to travel to Paris, London, and Rome to explore and write about my experiences there.
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