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The Sleep Styler: The Perfect Solution for Heatless Styles

Are you tired of having to blow dry your hair every night or morning? Is your hair damaged from all of the heat you use on it? How about the ridiculously long time it takes in the morning to do your hair? Well, I have found the solution for you: the Sleep Styler! I found out about this amazing product on Shark Tank where it landed a deal with Lori Greiner. The Sleep Styler is essentially a pack of rollers that are made from super plush material. You put the rollers in with damp hair, go to sleep, and in the morning your hair will have curls and be sleek and frizz free. I’m sold! I never bought anything I saw on Shark Tank before, but the Sleep Styler seemed like it would be truly able to solve my problems! I hate the time and effort it takes to do my hair.  So I put in my order for the large rollers. They recommend large rollers for thick or long hair. The short ones are meant for short hair or hair that does not hold a curl. You know what makes them even better? They are even able to straighten hair! Although I have not tried this yet, the website shows pictures of tight unruly curls, transformed into smooth straight locks.

That. Is. Amazing.

Two weeks later, the package came and I was so excited to try it. The packaging recommends to wait till your hair is 70% dry after your shower. Putting the rollers in was difficult the first time, but with time I got more used to it. You wrap a small strand around the roller part then wrap the strap around the hair and Velcro it to the bottom. It took a few tries to get them to stay in correctly but I finally got it to work. With my experience now, I recommend wrapping the hair around the roller in one direction, then wrapping the strap in the opposite direction. This is what it looks like before bed which honestly looks pretty dorky, but I’m totally fine looking like a dork before bed if my hair looks like a Victoria Secret Angel’s hair the next day!

Sleeping in the Sleep Styler is so comfy! They feel like little pillows that hug your head at night. So much better than those super hard spiky rollers I used to try to sleep in as a kid. They actually stayed at night too rather than falling out or coming loose. I am so impressed with how good my hair looks after I take them out. It seriously looks like I spent hours doing my hair. Also, since the curlers are made out of an absorbent material, they dry your hair to look smooth as well as wavy. Throughout the day, the tight curls fall into more soft curls. By day two without washing my hair, the curls fall into waves that look like a blowout. I’m just so impressed that I spend like no time on my hair and this is how it comes out. It’s great for every day and occasions. I even wore them for my birthday hair!

I cannot express enough how great the Sleep Styler is! You can try it yourself by buying it on the website or at your local drugstore, Walmart, or Target. Get your hands on this product now so you can look glam this holiday season without the hard work!

Madison is an elementary education and literacy studies major at Rowan University. Besides writing for Hercampus and being a Hercampus Trendsetter, Madison is the president of the Eta Psi chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, vice president of Rowan's Circle K club, and an Admissions Ambassador. Her hobbies are reading, writing, painting, and drawing. Her favorite things to write about are dating, beauty, and literature.
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