The Signs React to this Stage of the Semester


Aries are absolutely fed up with the semester already. They are pissed that they have to devote so much of their time to frustrating school work. 


Although a Taurus is generally at peace with nature and in touch with their passions, the semester is seriously challenging that. Right now, a Taurus might find themselves turning against things they used to love doing. 


Isn't it just like a Gemini to lie to themselves? Their world is cracking at the seams and they are stretched incredibly thin to hold it together. But this is fine. 


Even though they're stressed about school, Cancers can't help but worry more about their friends. They find themselves comforting everyone else without thinking about themselves.


Are Leos actually doing great? Or do they just want everyone to think they're doing great? 


Virgos are doing great right now. They're on top of all their commitments because of how dutifully they keep their to-do lists. 


Libras know all about balance. Although they spend time getting their work done, they also take time to care for themselves and relax in the ways they prefer.


Scorpios are currently busy ignoring their responsibilities. Are they even in school? Do they have jobs? Do they shower? As things build up, Scorpios are visiting art museums and furiously repainting their nails.


While some signs may pretend to be unbothered, every Sag is actually unbothered. 


While you're reading this, Capricorns are happily doing their homework. Class doesn't stress them out because school has always been a place for them to have fun, be comfortable, and succeed. 


Even though an Aquarius is usually doing the Most, they still feel like they should be doing more. They're organized and doing their homework, but they've already imagined the worst for the semester. 


Pisces, oh Pisces. They are so sucked in to checking their social media and dropping memes in the group chat that they aren't even aware of how bleak the semester is truly looking.