Self Discovery Via Plants

One of the first plants that I’ve bought was a succulent named Evelyn or Evie for short. I was going through a rough time and I felt the need to just take care of something. I’m not maternal (at all) but I do have the type of personality where I like to be needed. I wanted to feel valued without toxically clinging to other people. So I bought a succulent. And then two more. And then a fish. But, that’s not important. Becoming a plant owner taught me a lot of things. Here are a few--

  1. 1. I’ve learned to be more perceptive

    Plants in a house

    My plants can’t talk to me so I have to make sure I pay attention to them. It’s strange but I’ve memorized what my plants look like to keep them healthy. I notice even the littlest of changes in my plants. I’ve researched how to keep them alive and keep a regular schedule to water them.

  2. 2. I’m not (and may never be) ready for big responsibilities

    Devil's Ivy growing out of pot

    I might be a little dramatic when I say this but it’s true. One time my plant Prycilla’s stems turned brown and shriveled up and I resented her for it. I know it's ridiculous but it's true. Taking care of plants in hindsight is minimal work but it’s the most I’m willing to put into something.

  3. 3. I care a lot about aesthetics

    Pretty pots are my jam. I think most of the reason why I like plants is that they really brighten my space. Picking out plant pots and exploring potential pots for future friends really helps me discover my decorating style.

  4. 4. I’m an extrovert through and through


    As an extrovert, I like to spend lots of time with people. But, even the most extroverted people like to be alone sometimes. I realized that being in a room with living things is a good way to find a happy medium. I feel like my plants and I are alone together.

Although I was a plant mom for only a little while, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’d recommend the plant life to everyone and anyone.