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Some of my best friends are Scorpios, I swear. People generally find Scorpios to be mysterious, dangerous, and sexy. I think that’s true on the surface, but they’re so much more than that. My roommate, the sweetest Scorpio you’ll ever meet, is ridiculously gorgeous, but she’s also a huge dork and the worst dancer I’ve ever seen. These gifts are for Scorpios like her: drop-dead sexy and damn silly at the same time. 

Leather Looks

Mean Mugs

Hell on Heels 

Playful Prints


Rachel is a senior English and Writing Arts double major at Rowan University. She also has minors in Women's & Gender Studies and Creative Writing along with concentrations in Publishing & New Media and Honors. She is the Senior Editor of Avant Literary Magazine as well as being in charge of the Her Campus chapter at her school. Rachel works as both a tour guide and a writing tutor on campus. She is big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but not the patriarchy.               
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