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Rowan’s 3D Dance Crew


Rowan’s 3D Dance Team promotes diversity among its dancers, from competitive cheerleaders to self-taught dancers, as well as in its movement quality, from hip hop to tap dance moves. Interested in seeing this dance crew in action? You can come to their spring showcase this Sat., April 25 at 2 p.m. in Pfleeger Hall in Wilson.

Her Campus Rowan caught up with the president, Nicole Vitale, who has been a part of this team for three years now and says the team has helped her grow as a person.

“I really love the family connection we have as a team. It really gave me everything I was looking for when it came to dance!  I’m able to express myself in the variety of styles I love to perform and I am able to show audiences that there is more to me than just one way of movement,” says Vitale.

Everyone on the team has a love for physical expression and the showcase will display Rowan’s talent with the theme of diversity and acceptance.

“I want people to know that 3D Dance Team is an open and welcoming organization.  When you audition for this team in September (and again in January for the spring semester), we are looking for people who love to move and are going to be able to showcase their personality and excitement to dance,” says Vitale who uses dance as a therapeutic outlet.

 Check out their Facebook page for updates about auditions, performances and events the club holds.

“We may be a dance team, but volunteering to perform for other organizations’ fundraisers, having the chance to experience homecoming and other events on campus through this team just shows that doors will open for you by taking the small step of getting involved in something you love to do, which for me is DANCE!”

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