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Rowan Perspective

Have you ever taken a stroll around campus and actually looked at all that Rowan University has to offer?

I have, a few times. And each time I find something new that amazes me. 

This time, I took my low quality iPhone 5c camera with me. 

I tried to take picures of different perspectives… I hope the pictures give you a glimpse into how much there is to see! 

Pathway between Bunce Hall/Hawthorn/Bozorth across from 322

Water fountain/pond behind Rowan Hall

The woods behind Rowan Hall/next to Lot A

A peek through the trees next to Robinson, facing Westby.

Student art, Westby Hall.

Benches between Westby Hall and Sciene Hall

3rd Floor of Library

Prof’s Place

Bench and garden, outside Rec Center


Third floor view of lights in Student Center Pit

Third floor view of Student Center Cafeteria

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