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Rosie Kelly

Rosie Kelly, a senior ad major and journalism minor, runs the blog Hookup Culture which she started for her New Media Priduction class last semester and decided to continue it. She interviewed students on their thoughts on the “hookup culture” and their past relationships and found, despite the stereotype of our generation not being able to communicate and form relationships, we are capable of these things and are in fact very open about relationships. She is working with an RTF major who is making a documentary on the subject. Check out Hookup Culture’s Facebook for more information.  
1.  How did you come with the idea for this blog?
I started the blog for my New Media Production class last semester.  It was a project I was going to be working on all year and I knew I wanted it to be something that could impact many people.  I chose this particular topic because it’s something we all talk about, all the time, but we tend to keep it quiet.  The “hookup culture” is something we’re all a part of and all talk about nonstop, so I knew I could get students my age involved.
2. Is Hookup Culture a club or just a blog? What kinds of articles do you feature?
Hookup Culture is just a blog, but I do have other people writing for it besides myself. I feature articles having to do with relationships, break-ups, and dating for our generation. 
3.Why do you think this blog, and those similar, is relevant/important for our generation to read?
I think Hookup Culture is mainly important for our generation to read because it’s letting people know that it’s okay to talk about these things out loud.  We all go through heart breaks and are constantly swiping through Tinder and I don’t think it’s something that has to be kept a secret.  Hookup Culture and other blogs like it let people know that we’re all thinking the same things and a lot of my articles sneak in some advice too.
4. What message are you trying to spread through this blog?
My main message is really that we are so much more than a “hookup culture.”  Older generations tend to believe that all we do is have one night stands, we can’t communicate because of social media and texting, and that we never form meaningful relationships.  I believe that all of that is wrong.  We are more focused on our careers and futures, so it’s true that less people decide to settle down in college.  We are extremely capable of communicating and forming relationships, just in a different and more evolved way than our elders. The hookup culture isn’t wrong, it’s just different.
5. Other things Rosie is invovled in on campus:
I am an Admissions Ambassador for Rowan, a member of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, and the Public Relations Chair for Mortar Board Honor Society, and member of the Order of Omega Honor Society.  I love everything about Rowan and am passionate about the things I am a part of!


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