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Poetry Corner: “I’ll Always Love You So”

Although we fuss and fightI’ll always Love you so.I’m sorry if our love is blind at times for you and I always have to remind you. But it’s ok. I’ll always love you so. Sometimes you forget about who I am. I’ll always love you so. I hope one day you open your eyes & give me a chance. If you don’t. I’ll always love you so. I hope that you can take me around the world like you said you would. I want us to build a house together on another Island. So we could fly away when we’re not working and take a break. Id wear my long silky white night gown & take long walks with you on the beach. We’d hold hands and you’d twist me around and dip me in a dance. I’ll smile so bright to show my happiness in such delight. I’ll always love you so. I imagine in my dreams of these days when we would finally fall in love with each other. You’d make love to me all night.Like Waiting To Exhale & Love & Football. I’ll always love you so. If there is ever a time you meet another woman of your dreams & fall in love with her. I’ll be happy for you but Jealous. I’ll always love you so. I’d want our children to grow up together. We could all travel to Disney World together on our private jet. It would be a dream come true. If God does not grant me this wish. I’ll Thank God he put me in your life for the time being. I’ll always look at your pictures and tell people good stories about you. Your name would be a secret to my heart. Thank you for being a good friend when I needed you the most. I’ll always love you so with all of my lonesome heart. 
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