November Gratitude Count-Down

Nov. 1: Who are you thankful for today?

Nov. 2: What's something you're looking forward to?

Nov. 3: What's your best memory from growing up? 

Nov. 4: What book are you a better person for having read?

Nov. 5: What do you like about fall?

Nov. 6: What's the best thing that happened to you today?

Nov. 7: Who has helped you in your career?

Nov. 8: What's your favorite think about yourself?

Nov. 9: What friend is always there for you? 

Nov. 10: What does family mean to you? 

Nov. 11: What Thanksgiving meal is your favorite? 

Nov. 12: How do you like to be thanked? 

Nov. 13: Tell someone you appreciate them today. 

Nov. 14: What's your favorite thing about nature? 

Nov. 15: How do you relax?

Nov. 16: What have you been taking for granted? 

Nov. 17: Share with someone today. 

Nov. 18: What is something you look forward to? 

Nov. 19: Donate something you don't need anymore. 

Nov. 20: How do you define success? 

Nov. 21: Who motivates you?

Nov. 22: Do an act of service. 

Nov. 23: How do you say thank you? 

Nov. 24: Write a letter to an old teacher. 

Nov. 25: Give someone a compliment. 

Nov. 26: How are you lucky today? 

Nov. 27: Spend time with family. 

Nov. 28: What music makes you feel at home? 

Nov. 29: What quote motivates you?

Nov. 30: Call someone you haven't spoken to in a long time.