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Naj Binnat

Hey Profs! This week’s campus cutie is definitely interesting. Maybe you’ve seen her around the science hall, since her major is biological science. Or maybe, you met her at an orientation of some sort since she’s a second semester freshman. You never know, but I tell you – once you meet Najmulsahar (Naj) Binnat, you will never forget her!

Naj loves to learn, dance, travel and exercise. She also loves makeup, adrenaline and documentaries. But when she’s not out exploring the world, learning or looking for the perfect shade of blush, she loves performing random acts of kindness. Naj has a big heart and she will go out of her way to be kind and respectful to everyone.

Now, to make matters more interesting… Did you know Naj’s favorite…Show is The Challenge? (Season 24 to be specific!) Or that she loves…The Movie: A Bugs Life? I bet you never would have guessed that she likesThe Book: A Child Called “It”! She describes it as “it’s so sad, but so brave. I love it!”

She also loves fighting with her friends. And by fighting, of course she means she loves to go out to eat! Who doesn’t love food? YUMM.

Since Naj loves performing random acts of kindness, something she thinks all girls should know is that “simplicity is beauty,” which is why you will never find Naj indulging in the latest trends. She is very stylish yes, but she believes that a little goes a long way.

As a fellow freshman, her best advice to her fellows is to remember why you came to school…” You came here to get an education not smoke weed”

If Naj could, she would increase the amount of hours in the day because her perfect day includes a run, a nice shower, some good food, the movies, a nap, a beach and the amusement park. Phew, there are definitely “not enough hours in a day” for all of that! But hey, it’s possible. Daylight savings, don’t ya know?

Once she finishes her education, Naj would love to “become a neonatal pediatrician and participate in a program such as doctors without borders to work in poverty stricken countries and travel as a full time job.”

Finally, one surprising thing about Naj that you may not know is that she ”was born in Kashmir (I’m Kashmiri) and came to the United States when I was 5 months [old] J.”

What did I tell you, folks? Is Naj something great or what? Next time you see her beautiful face around campus, say hello! You won’t regret making a wonderful new friend. 

I've never really been good at writing biographies, so here is a quick list of facts about me instead! My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid I rode my bike into a pole when I was eight York Peppermint Patties are my favorite chocolate Walking in the rain is my favorite thing to do (when it's raining, of course) Snakes absolutely terrify the crap out of me. Have a happy day! P.S Live to love, love to live!
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