My Planner Checklist for the Upcoming Semester

Whoever decided that yearly planners should end in August is seriously disturbed. Since the school year is at an end, I decided that it was time to get a planner for next year. It’s a cathartic way to end the school year, but if you pick a bad planner it’ll make next school year much harder. I wanted my planner to have a few components.

  • Really aesthetically pleasing. Pastels and flowers are a personal favorite

  • Must have a lot of line space between dates for assignments

  • Pictures on every page would be nice

  • Small enough to be carried around with no fuss

  • Looks cute with colored pens for color coding

  • Can’t be ridiculously priced

With my must-have list completed, I was ready to look through the web for next year’s dream planner.

The first planner I came across was Erin Condren's Cherry blossom calendar

I liked the flower design and the mustard yellow color was deliciously funky. There was an option to personalize and I liked that I had the option to change the coil of the band and add quotes on the cover. However, I didn’t like how the daily planner was structured. I’m far too lazy to write down each and every date on the calendar and I’d find myself frustrated in the small space. This planner wouldn’t do.

Then, I came across this sugar skull planner.

I liked that it had some fall vibes. Amberlotus plants trees for every planner that you buy and I would love to help the environment in any way that I can. The layout is cute and I like that the lines, but I wasn’t sure if this planner would look good with my color coding hopes for the next school year.

That’s when I came across a different planner by the same company.

I love the flower design and the cheesy quote. The inside looks beautiful and although there are some dark pages I think that it’ll really pop with metallic characters. I love that there’s a list for things that your thankful for each month because I think it’s so important to remain grateful. Add these benefits to the tree donation and I’m happy to say that I found my dream planner!