My Planner Checklist

One of my favorite organizational tools is my planner. This school year I use Google Docs to color code and organize my schedule and my planner for homework and to-do lists. This shift allows my planner needs to be a little less structured than last year. Here’s my list of must-haves for next year’s planner.

  1. 1. It must have a cute design 

    I know...duh. But honestly, I think that versatility is such an important thing when it comes to planners. I used mine every single day (before it became irrelevant because of the pandemic) and I was still thrilled with the design. Next year’s planner has to be just as cute.

  2. 2. It has to have enough room to write lengthy notes

    blank notebook with pencil

    For some reason, I found a thousand planners that only has a few lines to write an itinerary for the day. Next year is going to be really busy for me. I’m applying to grad school, have three jobs (maybe four!), an internship and my planner needs to reflect that.

  3. 3. It has to have a sidebar for to-do lists.

    bullet journal

    To-do lists are my bread and butter tbh. The planner that I have has a to-do list that corresponds with everyday activities. It’s really important for me to have a designated spot where I can check off daily tasks.

  4. 4. It must be eco-friendly

    SP Home Rep

    It’s 2020 and our earth is dying. If I can’t have a planner that is made out of recycled (and recyclable materials) then I don’t want a planner

  5. 5. It must have Stickers!

    Hippie Van Stickers Fun Roadtrip

    There’s a special thrill that I have when I see a cute “girls night!” sticker at the end of the week. I need that in my life and in my planner. 

I know it’s crazy to have a list of "must-haves" for a planner but, planners excite me and I’m just ~following my bliss~ at this point.