My Obsession Kicks into Overdrive

I love to read. Ever since I was a little girl I always had my nose stuck in a book. I’d go through books greedily, finishing one and going onto another instantly.  However, as I get older and my book budget got smaller, I realized that my book buying habits come at a cost (literally! ).

So for the past few years, I realized that I had to be thrifty or I’d have to stop reading altogether. My local library let me know about a website called Overdrive and I’ve been using it ever since. It allows people to borrow books from their public library electronically. With Overdrive (and Overdrive’s app Libby), I’ve been able to read tons of books for free. Better yet, I’ve been able to read free, good books. Books that everyone has been raving about and books that I’ll be raving about for years to come.

All I had to do is make an account with my library card and voila! Thousands of e-books are at my disposal; sometimes I can even use it to find my books for school. There's a good mix of books that are available within a tap and books that have holds. If a book is on hold, there’s an option to have it automatically shelved and emailed to your library when available. I absolutely love it! It’s almost like a getting a surprise present.

I’ve been using Overdrive since the summer and I can’t imagine getting rid of it anytime soon. It’s a website that makes both my wallet and I very, very happy!