My Five Favorite Contemporary Hispanic and Latinx Artists

Need a good distraction during these difficult times? Get invested in these creative worlds of these talented Hispanic and Latinx artists!

  1. 1. Angie Quintanilla Coates [email protected]

    This Candian based, Latinx artist is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her illustrations give off a groovy, nostalgic 70s vibe you are sure to love. She is all for justice, anti-racism, self-empowerment, and self-care. Follow her on Instagram @thefive15.

  2. 2. Eugenia Mello @eumiel- from Buenos Aires, Argentina

    vinyl record on yellow background

    This NYC based artist, originally from Buenos Aires, is a master of conveying movement in her artwork. Her use of shapes and lines make you want to get up and dance! Check out her 2020 children’s book, “Moving”, which is not about dancing, but about dealing with the change that comes from moving house. Follow her on Instagram @eumiel.

  3. 3. Yanuary Navarro @yanuary_n

    I discovered Yanuary Navarro while reading the 2016 Volume 2, Issue 2 of 805 Lit +Art magazine, which is a delightful small publication. This Honduran artist created this issue’s cover art, titled “Papita the Beast.” Her colorful, bubbly style is whimsical and makes me feel as though I am about to read a children’s book, and since I have a deep appreciation for children’s books authors and illustrators, I was hooked by her style! She has promising talent, so check her out on Instagram at @yanuary_n.

  4. 4. Whitney Dobladillo @whitdobladillo

    black headphones on a yellow background

    This proud Latinx artist creates stunning typography with clean lines and vibrant colors. She is a TypeThursday Ambassador, which is a global community of letterform creators and enthusiasts. Dobladillo also supports the Peruvian Sisters community, which celebrates the Peruvian culture, and Ladies, Wine & Design NYC, which is an nonprofit organization empowering women and non-binary creatives. If any of these communities interest you, you should follow Dobladillo’s page, @whitdobladillo.

  5. 5. Ludi Leiva @ludileiva

    When I look at this Guatemalan artist’s work, I feel calmed by her warm color palette and flowing, rounded shapes. She illustrates work that empowers females and embraces the importance of mental health and female body positivity. She also celebrates the diversity of the female figure and advocates for social justice. All in all, her work is not only aesthetically pleasing but emotionally powerful too! Follow her @ludileiva.