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Music — Food for the Soul

When a person thinks of music, one often thinks that it’s something to enjoy and that it’s not that important. However, music is much more than something to enjoy; it is about opening an entire world of creativity.

Music is a writing process, one that lets someone express his or her truest emotions and feelings. Music allows a person to share as much or as a little as they want to, which I think is an amazing thing. Music is beautiful because not only does it allow complete and utter freedom of expression, it is a universal language that many people enjoy. I like to think of music as food for the soul; it has the power to completely change someone’s mood or attitude.

Think about it — how many times have you had a bad day? And how many times have you looked forward to just listening to your favorite song to get you out of that bad mood? I for one have done this many times. Whenever I find myself in a slump, I know I can always count on blasting my favorite songs to put me in a better mood. However, music does not only need to be used to brighten someone’s day; it is also there for a good cry. Have you ever felt so angry and so sad that listening to sad songs make you have a good cry and then you felt better after? Once again, I know that I have.

I think my favorite thing about music is that sometimes a song is saying everything I want to say, but I just cannot find the words to say it.  I love that I can just play a song and someone will know what I am trying to say to them or that the person will know exactly how I feel. The power that music holds is truly amazing; not only does it do wonders for the soul, it also brings millions of people together. I cannot express how many interesting and amazing people I have met from going to concerts and traveling far distances to see my favorite bands. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people from Ireland and even Australia that I still keep in touch with because I’ve met them due to music. Music is such a wonderful gift to the world, so if you hear a good song, share it anywhere! I can guarantee someone will be so happy you’ve just shown them a new song.

Hello! I am a freshman at Rowan University studying Elementary Ed and English. I hope you enjoy my writing!