The Most Inspiring Women in My Life

I’d like to use this article to take a moment and thank the most important and inspiring women in my life. I think sometimes it is hard to sit down and tell someone how much you appreciate them, and oftentimes, it is said after it’s already too late. These people--the ones who inspire me to be the best--are my everything. They have shaped who I am and will continue to do so until the day I die. No matter where I go, I know their impact will always be with me.

First and foremost, and maybe the most obvious of any of them--my mother. My mother will never cease to be one of the most important people in my life. She has taught me lessons from birth until now and will always continue to do so. I go through life trying to live by the example she has given me. I may not always listen to her advice, but I know that even when I mess up, she’s got my back. She is a role model, especially mine. She has discovered a way to thrive and become successful in her career while also raising a loving family of kind-hearted people. That is something I certainly aspire to achieve in my own life, and I am so happy to have a role model that is so strong, driven, motivated and passionate about living life to its fullest.

Next are the women in my family: my grandmother, my aunts Monica, Felicia and Kristen. Sometimes it’s crazy to think that these women have known me for my entire life, back to when I was just an idea in my mother’s head. Honestly there are times when I know they know me better than I understand myself. They’re always talking about how I’ve grown into this great person and all, but I don’t think they realize that has a lot to do with them. A lot of my personality and goals and decisions I make stem from them being role models in my life. I certainly got my sass and love of theater from my grandmother, which without I would not resemble the stage loving, outgoing individual that I am today. (My grandma is also the best because when my mom and I disagree she takes my side hehehe). From my Aunt Monica, I learned about other cultures outside of my white-picket fence town; Aunt Felicia taught me the art of debate and baking; and Aunt Kristen is literally the sweetest person to ever exist with the kindest heart and patience beyond compare.

Then there are my friends who have become my family that inspire me on a daily basis. My roommates Destinee and Simona have taught me how to live with others and I’m so proud of the people that they are. They are really amazing people who want to spread good in this world. There’s Callie, who has inspired me to let go more often, to not hold such a tight grip to everything around me, to let loose and dance my freaking ass off. Alyssa, who has brought me so much happiness and joy as one of my best friends. She is hard-working and has a kind heart, and tries to see everyone’s side before making a judgement (all things that I look up to her for) but she also has these moments where she will be completely spontaneous, and those moments alone are worth living for. And there’s Tyra. She is someone I could not have gone through freshman year without. Because of her I now wash my fruit before eating it, scat aloud when I’m nervous, and use Aveeno facewash. But those are just the little things that come from living with someone for two years. The most important things I have learned from her are to work hard and be passionate, but try to avoid the competition of it all; to understand others by being completely honest with yourself; to ignore the bullshit and the people who don’t put effort into you; and to be completely, undoubtedly oneself.

Thank you to all of you women. This essay in no means does justice to explain the impact you have on my life, and I appreciate everything each one of you has done for me. I love you all <3