Meet Emily Kostic, Social Media Associate At The History Channel

Q: What year did you graduate from Rowan? What was your major/minor/concentration? 
A: I graduated in May 2010 with a BA in journalism and concentrations in women's studies and honors.

Q: What activities where you a part of during your time at Rowan? 
A: While at Rowan I was a part of The Whit, Venue, and the Bureau of Student Publications (which now no longer exists). I was mostly involved with The Whit though. I started off as an assistant copy editor and staff writer during my freshman year. During my senior year of college, I was Editor in Chief of The Whit, which was a great experience that I enjoyed. However, oddly enough, my favorite year that I spent on The Whit was my junior year while I was Managing Editor and Web Editor. I took a great deal of pride in revamping The Whit's Web site and building its presence online, for which it won a 2010 ACP Online Pacemaker - But no bragging!

Q: Favorite memories while in school?
A: My favorite memories of college are those I spent in the Pub Suite with my friends on Wednesday nights while laying out The Whit. It's funny because most of those nights I was extremely stressed out about perfecting the next day's issue. However, looking back all I remember are the laughs and the chats I would have with fellow staff members.

Q: How is post-graduation life? Is life harder after college? What is your current position?
A: Life after college has been very rewarding and exciting, but I do miss college sometimes. I had such a great experience at Rowan and it has definitely prepared me for my current position as Social Media Associate at HISTORY.

Q: What is a typical day in your shoes?
A: The first thing I do in the morning is read various industry blogs to see what new product releases, announcements, etc. are coming out. The social media and tech industries evolve and change daily, so staying on top of current trends is extremely important. The rest of my day can consist of writing content, going to different strategy meetings, etc., but there really is no such thing as a typical day in my job.
Q: Is your family proud of you? What is your current living situation?
A: I currently live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. My family is very proud of me. I'm very close to my parents and very fortunate that they were extremely supportive of my moving from South Jersey to New York. I talk to them all the time and they're always asking how my job is and how my life is going here. I'm very lucky to have them, honestly.

Q: If you could sum up your work in one word what would it be?
A: Fulfilling

Q: Do you miss your Rowan years?
A: Of course, I miss my friends from that time. I met some amazing people during my time at Rowan and while I still keep in touch with most of them, I don't see them as often as I would like. 

Q: Any advice for Rowan students on job-hunting after college?
A: My biggest piece of advice for Rowan students looking for a job after college is to not give up. There is so much talk about the economy being awful and there being few jobs out there. This is true, but if you really apply yourself, you can still get a good job. Will your first job out of college be your dream job? No. In 99% of all cases, it's not. However, with a little perseverance, you'll be sure to get a decent job in your industry that can serve as a great stepping-stone to bigger and better things.